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Magnolia Bakery sells a range of baked goods featuring their famous banana pudding.

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24 days ago

The banana pudding is among the best I've tried. It's super light and far more airy than most. While the classic banana is my go-to, the seasonal flavors make it fun to visit Magnolia at different times throughout the year. The cupcakes are also delicious and aesthetic with different pastel-colored varieties. Perfect for a gift.

15 days ago

Their desserts are good and iconic, but too rich for my blood. I will say that their consistency is impressive - you never catch the cakes or the banana pudding on an off day, they always taste exactly the same, and that's very impressive.

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9 days ago

The banana pudding is the best banana pudding you'll get, but everything else is okay, and a bit too sweet.

23 days ago

I tried Magnolia Bakery for the first time during my last trip to NYC. Their banana pudding was delicious, but I found their other items, like their coffee and muffins, to be underwhelming. It's also quite expensive, but that just might be due to its location.

Banana pudding

23 days ago

Their banana pudding is known for a reason! I did try their seasonal pumpkin spice banana pudding and really preferred the original, although I'm also not a fan of Starbucks pumpkin spice lattes.

a month ago

had their banana pudding earlier this year when i visited nyc and my mind was BLOWN. they're hyped up for a reason. sooo delicious and i wish i lived near a location bc i would be going there 24/7

Banana pudding