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Lyre's offers a range of non-alcoholic spirits.

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Lyre's Spirit Co Reviews

4 months ago


I tried Lyre's Amaretti and Aperitif Rosso. The Amaretti has a pleasant almond taste and is predominantly sweet but not syrupy or overwhelming. I tried it with some lemon juice, imitating an amaretto sour cocktail. It wowed me here. For the first time, I was enjoying a non alcoholic cocktail that felt complex and punchy enough to taste great served neat, without the help of soda or tonic. I don’t recommend this as a solo sipper, but I think it would be a flexible addition to lots of drinks. In fact, it’s distinct enough that I could see it having benefits in even an alcoholic cocktail in the hands of a savvy bartender. Aperitif Rosso has a rich and juicy flavor that’s sweet but not overwhelming. The aftertaste is the real surprise though. Aperitif Rosso has an intriguing finish that delivers a slightly bitter taste similar to a grapefruit pith or a cocktail with a few extra dashes of bitters. For cocktail and vermouth nerds, this is most comparable to Punt e Mes, a popular vermouth in the craft cocktail world. While Aperitif Rosso might be a bit rich by itself, I’m sure this bottle has all the firepower to stand up in any mocktail.

High qualityWorth the money 💸Tasty 😋Luxury
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2 months ago


In concept I LOVE the breadth of flavors. The packaging is fun and playful, though they write some weird, irrelevant things on the labels. I've tried 6 or 7 different flavors, and the liquid itself is OKAY. They all taste like water with flavor extracts mixed in. All are fairly flat and watery on their own - would never stand up to sipping neat. You have to treat as one element of a base, and really figure out how to mix and pair to make what feels like a full cocktail. If you want to put in that work, they can be a lot of fun!

Cool look & feelHas no effect 🤷Love the brand's mission 💕
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