Lyre's Spirit Co

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Lyre's offers a range of non-alcoholic spirits.

Lyre's Spirit Co Reviews

Lyre's Spirit Co reviews


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6 reviews

a year ago

I drank these non-alcoholic spirits when I was pregnant with both of my kids. The best one I tried was the Campari liqueur- with a little bit of tonic, it was a very good mocktail. I'm very picky with non-alcoholic spirits, and I think most of them are a bit of a racket. But Lyre's is one of the good ones!

2 years ago

I tried Lyre's Amaretti and Aperitif Rosso. The Amaretti has a pleasant almond taste and is predominantly sweet but not syrupy or overwhelming. I tried it with some lemon juice, imitating an amaretto sour cocktail. It wowed me here. For the first time, I was enjoying a non alcoholic cocktail that felt complex and punchy enough to taste great served neat, without the help of soda or tonic. I don’t recommend this as a solo sipper, but I think it would be a flexible addition to lots of drinks. In fact, it’s distinct enough that I could see it having benefits in even an alcoholic cocktail in the hands of a savvy bartender. Aperitif Rosso has a rich and juicy flavor that’s sweet but not overwhelming. The aftertaste is the real surprise though. Aperitif Rosso has an intriguing finish that delivers a slightly bitter taste similar to a grapefruit pith or a cocktail with a few extra dashes of bitters. For cocktail and vermouth nerds, this is most comparable to Punt e Mes, a popular vermouth in the craft cocktail world. While Aperitif Rosso might be a bit rich by itself, I’m sure this bottle has all the firepower to stand up in any mocktail.

a year ago

Good idea. Not bad for NA. Not good straight, but passable when made into cocktails. Becoming more widespread and with popularity of NA drinks on the rise Lyres will do well. Good option to have at a party for those not looking to drink but want to fit in.

a year ago

Their Amalfi Spritz cans are superb - my favorite non-alcoholic spritz I've tried. I've had mixed experiences with the other canned cocktails, and I wouldn't reach for them. I haven't tried the bottled "spirits," so I cannot speak to them.

8 months ago

really like the Amalfi Spritz "aperitivo" ! it has a similar bitterness to aperol and makes a pretty great mocktail when mixed with a bit of orange soda/NA prosecco. I also really like that it mimics the orange color of aperol so it feels like a very similar aesthetic.

a year ago

In concept I LOVE the breadth of flavors. The packaging is fun and playful, though they write some weird, irrelevant things on the labels. I've tried 6 or 7 different flavors, and the liquid itself is OKAY. They all taste like water with flavor extracts mixed in. All are fairly flat and watery on their own - would never stand up to sipping neat. You have to treat as one element of a base, and really figure out how to mix and pair to make what feels like a full cocktail. If you want to put in that work, they can be a lot of fun!