Lucky Saint

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Lucky Saint makes alcohol-free beer with unique taste.

Lucky Saint Reviews

Lucky Saint reviews


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4 reviews

3 years ago

This product has one job — taste like a regular, delicious beer — and it does just that. It's a crisp, tasty lager, and ideal for moments where you want to have something refreshing but don't fancy the alcohol content (think: after work drinks, sunny days at the park). They have this on tap at a few venues in London which I am yet to try but would definitely like to.

2 years ago

One of the best non-alcoholic craft beers around. I'm a big fan of their branding, packaging and mission as well as their beer. Great for all occasions and their draught version is great when out at restaurants or pubs.

3 years ago

Amazing packaging and even an added surprise in my box and really great taste. Cannot tell it is now alcohol!


Nothing, I really loved it.

9 months ago

I tried some of Lucky Saint lager at the Bath food and drink festival over the weekend. I thought the branding was class, and they were pouring pints from taps slammed on the side of a van which was a class concept. The lager was very smooth, and I could have stood and drank this all day - luckily it was non-alcoholic as I was attending a wedding! I would definitely drink more!