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Loop Baby offers a monthly rental service for baby gear essentials, focusing on convenience, sustainability and affordability.

Loop Baby Reviews

Loop Baby reviews


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5 months ago

I love the concept of renting baby gear. Many of the things we bought for our little one were only useful for a much shorter time than I anticipated. Anyway, I was excited to try Loop during a two-week-long trip to NYC. (I think it's important to point out that I used Loop in a very different way than I believe is intended; short-term travel vs. several-month-long rentals is a different use case...) We rented a travel crib, high chair, bath tub, and toys. They were all in excellent condition (maybe even brand new?!). The problem with the service for such an urgent & short-term need was that the logistics got complicated; after paying for the rental I was asked to schedule the delivery, but the suggested delivery time was weeks out (after our travel window). This led to a lot of back and forth and hectic logistics, which all was solved but wasn't particularly smooth. The minimum rental duration was one month, which also made it pricy. Lastly, the subscription as a way of charging wasn't very suitable for my use case either, and because of the logistical hiccups, the subscription was accidentally left ongoing because we had to bypass the normal workflow. All in all, I'll have to give Loop a 4/5. The items were of great quality, and the customer service was stellar. I just wished it was optimized for shorter rentals!