light phone

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light phone makes a minimal phone filled with simple tools, no social media, and a black and white display.

light phone Reviews

light phone reviews


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3 reviews

6 months ago

I LOVE Everything about the light phone conceptually. a way to unplug but still be connected. In truth I haven't made the leap just yet but its on my list.

a year ago

I have had my Light Phone 2 for almost two years now; my teenager has one as well. Although there are sometimes some annoying software glitches (e.g., the alarm or text sounds stop working occasionally), they always resolve themselves. LP is extremely responsive, both via customer service and via the LP Reddit. Most importantly, it's a small phone with no internet or camera, so it really helps with smartphone addiction and distraction. It's not only my primary mobile phone; it's my only mobile phone. Update (2023): I decided to give up my LP2 when my older child got their license (and their first smartphone) because we wanted to be able to keep track of where they were driving. They handed their phone down to our younger child, who is 14. I miss my Light Phone--the size and the functionality--and hope to go back to it at some point. However, I now feel better equipped to use a smartphone and in fact, I keep my phone in grayscale because after 2 1/2 years of Light Phone use, it seems overwhelming when it's in color.


Things you can do on the LP 2: -text (single person or group), including voice-to-text -call -get directions (GPS) -make notes via the Notes app -download music or podcasts -set multiple alarms -automatically forward received texts with photos or links to your email -see emojis -send a limited number of emojis -put events on a calendar -get calendar reminders Things you can't do: -take photos -access the internet, including apps -see photos on the device itself Yes, it takes some getting used if you've been using a smartphone for years and years, but the benefits to mental health and focus are pretty great. Also, all updates come via software, so you only have to buy one phone to use indefinitely (at least for now!) . Also: I wish there was a QR code reader, but that would require a camera.

2 years ago

I used version one of this and it was crazy to go out and leave my actual phone behind. Definitely good to disconnect but still feel accessible. I don't know if I would switch completely, but worth the experience particularly if you're concerned with your relationship with your phone and technology or having trouble focusing on single tasks.


Can you make it a tad cheaper 😂😂