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a year ago

I always try to support AAPI brands as an AAPI founder myself and KOA immediately caught my eye. With a focus on formulation that is safe for the environment intertwined with Hawaiian sensibilities, KOA is a skincare brand that you want to show off on your top shelf and in every IG story.

2 years ago

Friends with Koa

I have the Daily Face Cleanser and I love it. It's super moisturizing and doesn't have that "stripping" effect that some cleansers do, so it's great when I don't feel like doing a full reset/re-moisturize routine. It also has this great tingly feeling - subtle but it wakes me up in the morning!


The Toner Pads were really, really harsh on my skin and even stung :/

8 months ago

I love testing out new sunscreens and am always on the lookout for more mineral formulas that won't white cast. I was trying to use up sunscreens so I could try this next and this did not disappoint! I got the regular untinted version and love the consistency. Initially, it may white cast a little bit. Once you massage it all into the skin which is also easy to do , the consistency looks great on the skin. I look forward to using this as my everyday.