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Knix designs comfortable wireless bras and leakproof seamless underwear.


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3 months ago

I bought five pairs to wear after my baby was born for PP bleeding. I really like the fit but the liners do not disperse the blood well and the crotch is super narrow. I also am disappointed to hear they contain PFAs. The leakproof nursing bra is pretty genius, but the fit is weird. I love my biker shorts, but they do run small.

3 months ago

The leak proof nursing bra is 1000% worth it. Buy this as a gift or buy a gift card for a maternity gift!

2 months ago

Love their period underwear and the fact that they come in different styles and absorbencies. Nice to have as backup on heavier days or to wear alone on light days.

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3 months ago

I have purchased both bras and leak proof undies from this site. I would give the bras a 2, but the undies a 5. I found the wireless bra 3 pack I ordered, which included 1 strapless, to be very uncomfortable. The underwear thought I ordered a 3 pack loved them and ordered more. My favorite is the cotton leak proof. It holds considerable amounts of liquid without leaving any odor. I will definitely be ordering more of the undies.

5 months ago

I got the bike shorts. I love that they have pockets and look like regular shorts. Next time, I would probably try just the underwear to change my look during that time of the month. I got black so they were easy to clean in the wash. I have a heavy flow and usually would get leaks, but happy to report that this works really well!


It's a bit annoying to work into your life. I like to wash it within 24-48 hours of wearing it, but it is a bit of work - during the time I'm not very productive. It's definitely not as easy as the disposable stuff, but happy to be doing good for the earth.

4 months ago

I've been buying knix underwear for years now. I love their essential undies and they are the only ones I buy currently. They are seamless, great for exercising and come in a variety of cute colours and patterns. They are not cheap, but you can often bundle them or find sales that make them slightly more affordable. They also hold up way longer than any other underwear brand I've bought before. I own a couple of their bras as well, the pullover bra and the essential bra. I am small chested and unfortunately have found the other options do not fit me well. The quality of the fabrics though is up there with their underwear!

4 months ago

I like Knix's brand of period underwear. I have three pairs that I use as backup when using a menstrual disc or on my lighter days. Comfortable to wear and comes in cute colors!

5 months ago

LOVE the high-waisted thong. It's like all I can wear now. I've transitioned to leakproof underwear and no longer use tampons (very very rarely) for my health and the health of the planet, and I love that Knix tests their materials for PFAs (forever plastics). The ongoing lawsuit is a bit worrisome, but for now I trust their transparency.

4 months ago

I bought two pairs of period underwear from Knix but I also tried different brands. Something is missing in the quality when compared to other period underwear brands. They're quite hard to wash and the fitting is too tight in the belly area which makes me uncomfortable when I'm on my period. I choose to wear them on lighter days.

3 months ago

Leakproof underwear has become a game changer for me, and I feel super secure wearing Knix’, especially their high waisted underwear. Their loungewear is also great. I once bought a good to go cropped crew neck that I loved so much that I bought it in two additional colours! My current favourite products are their cotton modal high rise everyday underwear. However, they very rarely update the colours; and never have the same fun designs they have in their leakproof or everyday underwear, which is disappointing. Their products are expensive, so I normally wait for sales. While their underwear size range is decent; their bra and apparel size range is not, which sucks.