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Kin Fertility offers information and products to help women take control of their fertility and reproductive health.

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a year ago

The onboarding process was very smooth with Kin Fertility. You pay $55 annually for the service (this amount is in addition to paying for your medication). Speaking with a doctor over chat felt odd at first (because obviously so much of what you say/medical history is touched over briefly). Chat can also be hard because so much of the detail is missing (all emotionality is lost). The unboxing was super delightful, and the sleeve Kin provides as a freebie is awesome. Even though it's "just a piece of thicker paper" it protects and perfectly stores your medication (awesome for carrying in your handbag). Ending my subscription was easy and effective immediately.


I'm not sure if over-the-phone consults are now available (since I last tried the service), but I do hope bringing the "human" aspect back into the interaction with the doctor/the onboarding is considered. I know we can't have it all (especially when the service is automating what can be a very stressful and long process for women), but I do feel that women with extensive medical history will find it hard to cover all bases during an initial consult. This service may not be the best option for them.