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Kester Black vegan lipstick and nail care products that are sustainable and long-lasting.

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6 months ago

Was looking forward to receiving this product but was disappointed with the applicator, didn't realise it wasn't a brush, more like a cotton bud not sure if it will do anything for my nails.

2 years ago

Not big on nail polish these days, but when the urge arises, it will be Kester Black. They have a not-too-humble array of shades, both classic and some, a little off kilter. My pick is Petal, an inoffensive neutral with a touch of mauve. It's a smooth formulation to apply. Easy to remove as well. Yes, there are likely many other nail polishes that would do a similar job, but this one ticks some other boxes that make it a better choice than much of its competition. Cruelty Free, B Corporation, Halal, Vegan, and Carbon Neutral. Does your nail varnish meet all the aforementioned criteria? Perhaps it should.


I have found the lid/applicator thingamajig can get a bit sticky but I am prone to screwing the lid on real tight so, in all likelihood, it's just a user issue. Nail polish noob alert.

a year ago

Although I love the brand ethos, I never quite noticed changes in my nail health or overall nail application experience (the "no nasties" advertisement point). The nail oil and cuticle mask is nice - but I wouldn't repurchase due to the price point and other products half it's price could work the same. On that note, I have been using both products forever and have lots more to go. The nail oil is what you expect - a nice hydrating oil, but the packaging is so clean and luxe, definitely a nice experience and Insta pic. The cuticle mask is a bit meh - doesn't do a whole lot that any other nail/hand mask or just a thick hand cream can easily replicate. The nail colours are pretty (I bought nearly 1/3 of the range back when I was obsessed with their pretty aesthetic) but the product chips/lifts very quickly and doesn't assist to help strengthen nails. There was also the water-based nail remover which was pretty cool, it's like oil based and feels very hydrating (and oily) afterwards. I didn't have a negative experience with the products but it wasn't exceptional. Plus, now I get my nails done by a private nail tech using soft gel and builder gel - so I get pretty, long lasting colours, neatly applied (that part's on me, not Kester Black), that assist to help grow my nails nice and strong.


Price point for sure - I understand the pretty aesthetic, breathable formula, etc. that the brand sells but underneath the fancy schmancy words, it's just really average nail polish.