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Keebos makes crossbody phone cases keep you handsfree & carefree in style

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7 months ago

Friends with Keebos

I didn't think I would get much use out of a crossbody phone case but I LOVE my Keebos. I purposely bought it for an international trip where I knew I'd be doing a lot of sightseeing and the case/cord proved incredibly handy. First, going through the airports, it was so handy to have the phone at my side rather than having to reach in and out of pockets every time I needed to scan something. Second, I never worried about dropping my phone as we were out exploring and taking pictures over cliffs, steep stairs, etc. I also got 2 different straps - a corded one and their pearl version - as I wanted something casual for everyday but a little "nicer" for nights out (we also attended a wedding that it was perfect for). The card holder and finger strap are the back make this case even more functional! So all around, a GREAT purchase and so happy I have one for future travel - and every day :)