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Jiant sells a range of hard kombucha and hard tea blending alcohol with simple, organic ingredients.



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a year ago

I love hard Kombucha! It's a great way to enjoy a drink while also getting some gut improving ingredients! Jiant tastes great, I prefer a bit higher % ABV personally, but this is great to sip on / great on the beach!


I'd love to see a slim can, higher % ABV option! Love the branding!

a year ago

Super fun! I love a good drink and this was one of the first hard kombuchas I tried. I really like their flavor assortment and find they're most kombucha-y than alcoholic tasting.

a year ago

Gluten free and unconventional flavors offered!!! Give me some pineapple with chili!!! Give it to me spicy, give it to me organic!! So yummy, so fun, so imaginative. I wish the can label was as cool as the product!

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a year ago

Jiant is my favorite hard kombucha brand. What differentiates it for me is that it has subtle, often botanical-inspired flavors, that provides a unique experience. It's the first brand I recommend to people who have never tried hard kombucha before.