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Itch Pet makes pet food, medication, and other products delivered to your door.

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a month ago

I had an absolutely terrible experience with Itch Pet. I requested the cancellation of my subscription, and the company completely ignored my request. It's astonishing how a company can be so blatantly negligent when it comes to customer service. I reached out to Itch Pet multiple times, both through email and their customer service hotline, clearly stating my desire to cancel my subscription. However, they never bothered to respond to any of my inquiries. It's as if they deliberately chose to ignore me and continue charging my account. The lack of communication and customer support is inexcusable. They continued to deduct money from my account, leaving me frustrated and financially burdened. Itch Pet's disregard for their customers is not only unprofessional but also unethical. I strongly advise anyone considering a subscription with Itch Pet to think twice before committing. If you ever need to cancel, be prepared for a maddening runaround and a complete lack of assistance. This experience has left me deeply dissatisfied with Itch Pet, and I will not hesitate to spread the word about their abysmal customer service. Itch Pet have taken hundreds of Pounds from my account and will not refund me!

Flea Treatment for my Dog and Cat

2 years ago

The subscription format is great for something that is so easy to forget to do. Every time it arrived through my door it was a reminder to give my cats their meds. Only problem is... it didn't actually get rid of my cats' fleas! Not sure if that's because of the product or something specific to my pets, but my vet has since put them on a different flea medication.

a year ago

Brought flea and worm treatment for 3 dogs stop subscription due to dog having a skin allergy and sent back the treatments but never reiceved a refund and been complaining for weeks.