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Inside Weather designs modern custom furniture, sustainably made in California.

Inside Weather Reviews

Inside Weather reviews


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5 months ago

After many delivery delays, the sofa arrived damaged and missing hardware. After many emails without any resolution, I filed with my cc company. Inside Weather then demanded that I return the sofa. No attempt to provide the missing hardware nor replace the damaged wood frame. Their delivery company has not picked up the sofa, the delay is not on us. Here is what they sent to my cc company: "The Item was not damaged or defective in any way when it was received by the customer. The customer seems to lack the cognitive ability to understand that the delivery company pre assembled the sofa at their warehouse prior delivery and apparently this is a problem? We have pictures from the delivery company showing all four pieces delivered and in the customers home but apparently counting to four is also a skill the customer does not possess. They were never able to articulate what they thought they were missing or what they wanted despite many communications. Before even asking for anything they just started a dispute, we would be happy to replace any damaged parts were the customer capable of telling us what they might be. We are trying to arrange a pick up of the sofa but at this time they have the sofa in its entirety. It is clear this customer is simply using the dispute process to make her own return policy and given the fact that she went straight to the dispute it is obvious this is not the first time she has done this. All of this is outlined in the transcripts of the interactions with our CS team. As I know this communication is a waste of time sense Visa seems to make a habit of being complicit in customers attempts at retail theft. I am sure any logic regarding customers being responsible for the fees they agreed to at the time of purchase will fall on deaf ears. Per our policy $528.75 from her purchase should be returned to us but as I am positive no human is reading this I am sure that will be ignored. So do what you do. "

10 months ago

I am simply *obsessed* with my Inside Weather couch. After researching couches for months, I decided to take a chance on the Bondi sofa from IW for a few reasons: The modular design makes the couch incredibly versatile and since we are renting, I like the option of having something that could be changed to fit different spaces if we move. The fabric doesn't hang onto pet hair, and the couches themselves looked comfy! I've had my couch for 5 months now and I can confidently say it's the best piece of furniture I own. I went with the memory foam cushions and they are cuddly but retain their shape, my dog's hair doesn't get stuck on the fabric and the wood detail looks so good in my living room. My only complaint is that there was a bit of an issue with the quality control of some of the wood pieces. One of the couch backs had an issue with the staining flaking off, but I sent a video to customer support and they were able to send a replacement piece. Edit to add more details from questions I've gotten on Instagram: We went with the luxe velvet material and it's very easy to get dog hair off. About once a week I will "fluff" and adjust the cushions and seat backs. The cushions have rubber bits at the bottom that help from sliding but over time things still shift and move. I am nearly at the 1 year mark with this couch and I'm still loving it. It is the perfect nap couch, I am always falling asleep on it

a year ago

One star because I do appreciate the attractive, modular, deconstruct-able base of my aero sectional but otherwise it's a NO. The quality of the cushion covers is abysmal. Not only did they arrive with excessive loose threads, but the zipper on one of them broke almost immediately, in addition to the busted corner seam on another cushion. I contacted customer service for replacements, which they refused, invited me to purchase new covers and then ghosted me. Even worse (and why we need places like Thingtesting!), they 100% delete all negative reviews off their website / don't even post them. I left a review that never made it to the site, and, now that I look with a more critical eye, I notice that there isn't a single non-glowing, five-star review. Shameful and deceitful behavior. Lastly, it's not even that comfortable. They need to add ties or snaps or something to affix the cushions to the base, as they are constantly sliding off. I even hurt myself once sitting on the edge of a cushion that had slid forward, and I fell flat on the floor. If you can get them to provide you with non-ripped cushions and overlook their shady review management, it is a good apartment/city couch since it does easily break fully down and can fit in a box.

a year ago

I have been searching for months for a new couch. I read all of these positive reviews of inside weather and had to travel to the only "showroom" in NYC to try it (1 couch). It was not what I was expecting. It is supposed to be comparable to Restoration Hardware but nowhere ear as soft and comfortable. Ii cannot say whether or not it would last but if you are looking for a cheaper version of RH that is just as comfortable, I would skip this.