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Homethings makes sustainable household cleaning products that are designed to be refilled.

Homethings Reviews

Homethings reviews


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3 reviews

8 months ago

I wish I thought it was worth it - but if you are frugal - it is not. TLDR: After a month of use - I do not think that the cleaning sprays and washing up liquid will be repurchased. In terms of the dishwasher tablets and laundry tabs - they do a great job but ecover is cheaper!! Got the starter kit so tried everything - and the main cons are product size and scent - outdone/outlasted by Method, which I was previously using and which also happens to cost less :/ Washupthings, baththings and allthings are particularly dissapointing, all nearly finished after just 4 weeks of use despite us often following up / boosting cleaning with other products as these didn't feel like they cut it. The nozzle of dishthings probably could do with a squeeze redesign over the pump as well, as this often gets clogged and leads to waste as the product sprays somewhere random instead of onto the sponge. It's a shame because I think Homethings probably have more to offer than other similar refillables, but if your main priority is eco-clean that smells good, more mainstream options will last you longer.

3 years ago

Sturdy glass bottles with tablets that dissolve easily into luke warm water. The fragrances are fun and don't smell like your typical cleaning products. Delivery is fast and the brand has a cheeky tone of voice that puts a smile on your face, especially when you unbox the products.


The 'shiny things' cleaner usually left my mirrors looking a bit smudgy, like I couldn't quite polish them to a sparkle. That said, I purchased when they had just launched, so they may well have improved the product since then.

2 years ago

Spotted these guys on Dragons den and gave them a go. Totally love the concept and helps me take a step forward on my sustainability journey. Looking forward to trying more!


Would like to see some more products from these guys