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Hitch makes an insulated bottle, cup, and cup lid all in one compact, sustainable design.


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a month ago

I contributed to their kickstarter. That was October 2020. It is now October 2023. They collected additional shipping costs from me because of increased shipping costs. I paid that months and months ago and still have not received my pledge reward. Shame on them. I just got another kickstarter update that said nothing of any orders shipping, only requesting more shipping cost from backers. I AM NOT HAPPY! They’re running a shady “business”.

2 months ago

Money was taken from my account same day order was placed.Its been more than two weeks,yet no delivery.The worst part is no phone contact and not response to emails.O have sent several emails and no responds THIS IS A SCAM.RUN

3 months ago

The Hitch bottle is great for getting around Chitown on my bike. Less space in my backpack, and I never leave my cup at home, which I was always doing. The design is really sleek too.

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3 months ago

I really like the bottle for hot soups and hot cocoa. It does a great job of keeping things warm and the built in cup helps a lot. I got mine as a gift and I am very happy with it. The company should get the bottle reviewed more.

3 months ago

Got this for my commute on the train and love it. Super sleek and stylish, and takes up way less room in my bag than my old bottle and reusable cup. Recommend!

3 months ago

I got one recently, and it's been a gamechanger on my daily commute. Easy to remember by cup now, and really sleek design that I love. Highly recommend it.

4 months ago

Exactly 3 years ago I contributed to this so-called campaign. I still haven’t seen a hint about their bottle. This is a nasty joke! I thought about buying the damn bottle as a gift to my family, but instead, I recommend anyone to stay away from this scam of a store. It’s too frustrating dealing with them. Most of the time they do not reply to emails and do not take responsibility for their lack of professionalism. They treat their customers like sh(i)t.

3 months ago

This water bottle is the best! I bought it for my partner and she uses it every single day. Whether it’s the water bottle or the cup for coffee, she loves it. She commutes for work and the fact that she can bring both a water bottle and coffee cup in such a sleek design is key. Unfortunately, we lost the cup immediately and the awesome people at Hitch got us squared away with another one in no time. The people at Hitch are super responsive and so far I’m so very impressed with this brand from top to bottom!

3 months ago

My Hitch is my daily companion. I love the design and look and feel of it, and is so helpful for remembering my cup, great upgrade from my separate bottle and coffee cup I used to carry. I love their sustainability and climate focus as well!

5 months ago

I've been carrying this water bottle daily for 10 months (August 2022-June 2023), plus using the thermos 1-3 times per week. Here are the pros: First of all, it is a really cool looking bottle. People comment, everyone thinks it's neat, and that's at least 50% of the appeal here anyway. It also does do the things it promises. The component pieces all fit together well, and it's fun to use for the most part. The cons list is longer, though. As noted by others, it's pretty heavy for a bottle, especially considering that it doesn't have a large capacity, so not good for those who need to store a lot of water at once. It's also already showing significant wear and tear. I expect my high-quality bottles to last for years, but in just 10 months, the rubber piece at the bottom is already coming off and the outside is showing dings and scratches. It also got weirdly stained in the dishwasher, which I can't seem to undo, so it's hand wash only from here on out. The thing that I dislike the most is the leakage, though. The bottle is watertight when screwed shut, but if you've been moving around a lot, the water will collect in the lid and splash out when you unscrew it. It then leaks between the inner bottle and the outer piece, so if you have the coffee thermos stored inside of the bottle, it's covered in water when you pull it out. Are you going to hand your drooly water covered thermos to a barista at your favorite shop? I'm certainly not. The thermos also isn't watertight, which I found out when I waved it around in front of a friend as I tried to show off how well sealed it was, inadvertently proving the opposite point instead. I love the concept, and I wish it worked for me, but it doesn't. I think it would be lighter and easier to just have a regular bottle and a collapsible reusable coffee mug in my purse. Less cool, but more durable and functional for me, and probably also for most people.