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Herbivore Botanicals offers natural, vegan, cruelty-free skin and body care products.


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Herbivore Botanicals Reviews

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16 days ago

love the blue lapis serum! i have struggled with acne for many years, and this is the only thing that has helped consistently calm my skin. i’ve tried a few other products as well, and they all feel great on the skin and are high quality.

Blue Lapis Face Oil

3 months ago

I really like this serum. It feels instantly hydrating and doesn't leave my skin feeling sticky. The texture is almost gloopy but I don't have an issue with it.

Cloud Jelly Pink Plumping Hydration Serum

2 months ago

Herbivore's products are super expensive, but they are also high quality. I used the Lapis facial oil and my skin felt softer and very hydrated, I just don't know if I can justify the regular purchase of something so expensive when I can get similar results from cheaper products.

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4 months ago

I am a HUGE fan of Herbivore Botanicals, though I admit I do not use the products regularly as part of my routine because the products are generally too expensive to keep in regular rotation. My favorite product is their Lapis Oil, a blue tansy face oil--I love using blue tansy as a antimicrobial, and there are literally only a handful of brands that carry such a product, and HB is one of them. Actually, all of their face oils are incredible and their retinol alternative, Moon fruit, though expensive, is great. I would definitely recommend starting with some of their mini sets that one can get at Sephora for under $50 to see which products work best. My #1 complaint is that clear glass bottle packaging isn't good for skincare if it's going to last you several months--the Blue Lapis oil will start to discolor if it sits out on a bathroom counter or vanity for too long.

3 months ago

I've used several of the serums, moisturizers, and masks. Herbivore skincare is full of plant-based ingredients, has lovely, simple packaging, and pretty, colorful textures. It's vegan as well, for those who want that in their skin care. I am giving this a 2 out of 5 because while it was beautiful looking skincare, it didn't help my skin at all. Didn't give me a rash either, but was, all-in-all, less effective than plain water for me. I also found some of the products had an overly strong smell. Given the price point I need something more effective than water.

2 months ago

While pricey, these are truly quality and ethical products. They felt great on my skin, I especially love their oils! The only catch with being all natural is they do have a very limited shelf life. If you're not using the product daily, stick with the smaller sized options. The oils have lasted me a long time, but some of the face masks and lotions have separated, become discolored or gone bad before I could finish them - for the cost that's always a bummer.

Phoenix Rosehip Anti-Aging Face Oil Orchid Antioxidant Beauty Face OiEmerald Deep Moisture Glow OilPink Cloud Soft Moisture CreamOrchid Facial Oil Mini

2 years ago

I've been in love with Herbivore for nearly 10 years and have tried just about everything they have to offer. All of their products are so good. It's high quality, the CBD line works wonders, and I've seen a dramatic change in my skin by using their oils. I switch out what I use based on the seasons but don't feel guilty buying multiple bottles to use for a few months, store, and use again in a few months. Also, the packaging is so beautiful!

2 years ago

I like Herbivore alot and I think they're a strong new contender in the skincare industry... I like their CBD face oil, their pink cloud line, and they have simple and cool branding.


My only hang-up with this brand is that I feel like it's too centered on colors and fragrance and aesthetic and that makes me think the formulas aren't as effective. I may be way off, but that's the feeling I get towards the brand!

2 years ago

They have good customer service and swapped my bottle of Phoenix oil after it started to discolor and get a really fishy smell. But, the other products I've tried so far have been okay. I wish the Emerald Oil had more CBD. My favorite product is their blue tansy mask which has an amazing fragrance and is really gentle on the skin.

8 months ago

Came for the beautiful packaging, stayed for the quality products. Herbivore has created some really exceptional products. One of my favorites is the Coco Rose body scrub which leaves your skin feeling super smooth and deeply moisturized.