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Haus Labs sells a line of vegan beauty products, led by Lady Gaga.

Haus Labs Reviews

Haus Labs reviews


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All10Triclone Skin Tech Medium Coverage Foundation with Fermented Arnica5PhD Lip Oil2Le Monster Lip Crayon1Bio-Radiant Gel-Powder Highlighter1Power Sculpt Velvet Bronzer1Triclone Skin Tech Hydrating + De-puffing Concealer1Loose Powder with fermented arnica1Hy-Power Pigment Paint1

4 months ago

Purchased the foundation ($45 for 1oz) and concealer ($32 for .24oz) from Sephora and have been impressed! The foundation is super smooth (maybe a bit too liquidy), buildable, and feels like nothing on my skin. The concealer I specifically got because I have super dry under eyes and it's apparently the most crease-less concealer on the market right now. I opted to NOT get the brushes because I think they are overpriced at around $40 bucks and instead apply the foundation with a sponge and the concealer with an $18 concealer brush from Rare Beauty that looks exactly the same. BUT, I just found out and order a "discovery kit" from the Haus Labs site directly where you can get 3 foundation shades in these little adorable bottles to test at home to ensure you have the right shade before buying. You just pay shipping and then they do expect you to buy a full bottle within 21 days or else I believe they'll charge $10-$12 for the kit. I think Lady Gaga and her team were extremely intentional, considerate, and addressed unmet needs with these products because they are high-quality and work with the skin instead of clogging it. I'll keep trying the line and have been very happy with the products after a month of using.

Triclone Skin Tech Hydrating + De-puffing ConcealerTriclone Skin Tech Medium Coverage Foundation with Fermented Arnica

3 months ago


Every. Product. Has. Been. AMAZING. on my skin! The only complaint I have is the new concealer and le monster lip crayons. But everything else looks so nice and skin like. Not cakey or heavy. Would love to see her make a primer and or a setting spray but overall, this is in my top favorite clean brands that I will continue to repurchase.

Triclone Skin Tech Medium Coverage Foundation with Fermented ArnicaPhD Lip Oil

3 months ago

The color match for this foundation is the closest color match I've ever had with foundation, and their online quiz for matching gave me the exact shade that the sephora associate ended up matching me to when I went in! The first time I wore it I used a little too much so there was some separation, but once you realize you don't need much product the results are beautiful!

Triclone Skin Tech Medium Coverage Foundation with Fermented Arnica

3 months ago

My favorite product from this set is the PhD Lip Oil! I love the feel of this product; it’s not tacky or sticky or overly glossy. It’s a perfect balance between oil and balm. I don’t usually wear color on my lips, but this provides just a subtle pink hue that makes my lips appear fuller. The Hy-Power Pigment Paint is also amazing! This is a powerhouse of pigment! A little of it goes a really long way. Once you start blending, don’t stop until you’re done because once it’s dry, it’s set and that’s it. I love that it doesn’t budge at all once it’s set. Love the texture, the tint, and the blend-ability. Use it on cheeks, lids, lips…wherever you want a little color. I wore it alone on my eyes and blended with my finger. Once it sets, nothing settles into the creases and the shimmer is gorgeous. I love the versatility and can’t wait to try more shades! I wasn’t a huge fan of the Le Monster Lip Crayon. It didn’t glide on as easily as I thought it would, but the color stayed and didn’t smudge at all. I would probably limit my use of this product to just a lipliner, because when I colored the rest of my lips, I found it a little difficult to apply and a bit drying. I also didn’t think the Peach Matte worked well with my lips or skin tone. The Bio-Radiant Gel-Powder Highlighter gives such a gorgeous glow! I use my fingertip to blend just a little product on the high points of my face and it leaves it so glowy, catching just the right amount of light. It’s a gel-powder but doesn’t require any dry time, and it doesn’t leave that cakiness or dryness that some powders leave. The Power Sculpt Velvet Bronzer is decent. I don’t normally use a lot of bronzer but this product did its job, leaving my face slightly contoured and sun kissed. I don’t necessarily think it’s better or worse than other bronzers I’ve used, but again bronzer isn’t something I use often

PhD Lip OilHy-Power Pigment PaintLe Monster Lip CrayonBio-Radiant Gel-Powder HighlighterPower Sculpt Velvet Bronzer

2 months ago

Haus Labs products are a force to be reckoned with. I have not found a skin product that competes with the foundation or the setting powder. Both formulas are perfect. The foundation looks natural while providing great coverage, and the setting powder mattifies while somehow providing a natural sheen. Both have a beautiful finish.

Triclone Skin Tech Medium Coverage Foundation with Fermented ArnicaLoose Powder with fermented arnica

3 months ago

Lady Gaga has impressed me! This brand is first class. I purchased at Sephora and was surprised it was a small showing on a back wall. Anyway I purchased the foundation in 20 light medium peach. Matches my light skin perfectly and is absorbed smoothly by my skin with a foundation brush. Love, love love it! I also purchased the eye pencil in deep cocoa matte. goes on super smooth and this color goes really well with most eye shadow colors. The pencil comes with a brush on the other end for blending. It blends really well. I noticed this is made in France so I can understand why it is a superior eye pencil. I will continue to purchase this brand. Thanks Lady Gaga!

4 months ago

As someone who wants to start getting into makeup more, I stumbled up on Haus Labs after two failed attempts of finding my foundation with another brand. I love how this looks like skin. It matches perfectly with my skin and doesn’t take much to blend.

Triclone Skin Tech Medium Coverage Foundation with Fermented Arnica

a year ago

Gaga really did well with this brand. The latest extension into other products has been amazing, both shade inclusive and the products are marketing extremely well. Her colors are so pigmented and stay so well.

a year ago

i tried the triclone skin tech foundation! i really don't like foundation IN GENERAL but this one feels just like a tinted moisturizer and absorbs just like skincare. the coverage is also medium buildable and can be sheered out with primer or luminizer. the formula is honestly so innovative (i think it's made in korea?) and $45 is honestly such a fair price for the quantity that you get (a little goes a long way!) i wore the foundation alone the whole day and it looked exactly the same when i came home after a late dinner. no dry patches, dull spots, or cracked lines at all! the finish is so natural and velvety-soft to the touch, didn't even wear powder. everything about this foundation was so luxe!


i can't complain about a single thing. i'm definitely buying more from this line because this was crazy