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Happy Medium offers supplies, content, and events for casual artists.


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2 months ago

I would give 0 stars if I could. This company has the worst customer service I have ever encountered. First, my friends and I booked a class online a week in advance. The same day we booked, the company emailed us and said that there was a system glitch and they over booked the class. We asked if could all get a refund, as we wanted to attend the class together and the error was on their end, and they said no. They would only grant a refund to the 1 person overbooked. Then, less than 48 hours before the class, I tested positive for the flu. I asked if I could get a credit to attend another class, given I was incredibly sick (e.g., 102 degree fever) and contagious and they said no. When I noted to them that they were willing to have a knowingly contagious individual attend their class, rather than give them a credit to another class, they said "we cannot survive as a small business if we make exceptions." Yes, when I booked there was a note that said no changes within 48 hours, but I tested positive for the flu, which is completely out of my control, inside of the 48 hour window and they we not willing to make any exceptions. Rather, even after I sent them a photo of my Tamiflu prescription, they claimed that "we have a policy in place that is clearly stated when you purchased the ticket, that you are clearly aware of and are trying to abuse." As a small business, it's incredibly disappointing to see such a lack of understanding and flexibility. I simply asked for credit to attend another class, not a refund. I would not suggest spending $120 on this experience.

a year ago

Happy Medium = my happy place! Must go to their in-studio events & stock up on charcoals and water colors. Good vibes all around!