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Hanacure creates skin and personal care products featuring carefully selected ingredients and formulations.

Hanacure Reviews

Hanacure reviews


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8 months ago

Does this pull your face super tight - yup! Like don't make plans the night after using tight. It is kinda cool, you really do look like a zombie before you wash it off. But I had issues... After the first use, my skin turned pink and felt tight, the fine lines looked a better. Great! But my skin was a little sensitive and needed a makeup breather for the rest of the day. The results also don't last. Then the second time I tired it a week later, my skin did not react well. I got super red, then had a scaly allergic response for days afterwards. I have pretty tough skin and don't react to much, but this one did me in. For best results they suggest using the product regularly, but for me even a week apart was too much. Definitely not worth the massive price tag.