GrownAs* Foods

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Grown As* Foods makes a plant-based boxed mac n cheese.

GrownAs* Foods Reviews

GrownAs* Foods reviews


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3 reviews

a year ago

I tried both the regular and truffle flavors! It's actually wild how good they were. Both flavors lean on the savory side, which I enjoyed! I find that a lot of plant-based pasta tends to be very sweet. The noodles are really special as well. They have the ~perfect~ bite and consistency!!

2 years ago

I got this from a local bodega on a whim one night because I'd never seen the brand before and I am always up for trying new vegan mac and cheese options (I'm lactose intolerant). I made it with almond milk and a vegan butter, and added lots of salt, pepper, nutritional yeast, and some other spices. Overall it was okay, but the flavor wasn't my favorite. It was very savory, not cheesy at all, and I found it to be dry (had to add more milk than expected).


I would be interested in trying it again if the price were a little lower (I think it was $7-8) and the flavor was improved. Otherwise I'll continue to buy Annie's from the grocery store.