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Gogo makes a plant-based all-in-one gummy for PMS relief.


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a year ago

I really like the Flo vitamins, I definitely notice a difference with my period symptoms when I take these regularly

a year ago

I tried Disco, this company's women's multivitamin gummy. It tastes pretty good, but not TOO good (some vita gummies taste suspiciously too good, you know what I mean?). The texture is tooth-sinkable and soft, but there isn't any bounce back. It's also awesome that the bottle is filled all the way up. My heart breaks when I open a package of anything and it appears half empty/full (👀 Olly)


I haven't received my refill yet, but I hope it's in compostable packaging. I'd like to reuse the original bottle instead of receiving a new one every month 🤞