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Better brushing, delivered? Goby makes premium oral care products.

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New York, New York
Ben Goldberg
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2 months ago

My husband and I have had had our Goby for 2+ years and enjoy it. I have had some battery issues with mine but customer service was quick to replace it. it is kind of loud when in use, but it's hard to beat the price for it.

Cool look & feelEasy subscription management 🔁
2 months ago

I found the overall experience and design just slightly clunky. The base, the charger, the toothbrush head case all feel just a little bulky and not elegant. Also, I found the brush to be fairly loud when running. I personally don't love round brush heads compared to oval shapes, but if I did I'd still most likely be exploring Oral-B options. Still did the trick but just feel like there are better options out there.

2 months ago

I used a Goby for two years. I liked the look of the brush (mine was black and gold). But it's not the most powerful, and I upgraded to a high-end Oral-B electric brush and now would not go back.


The bottom charging station accumulates junk pretty quickly; brush itself could use more power.

Cool look & feel
3 months ago

My partner and I used Goby toothbrushes for about two years. I found that, while they worked well enough, they aren't nearly as powerful as the Philips toothbrushes we replaced them with. I also had some problems with the battery in mine, but Goby quickly sent out a replacement to rectify the issue.


The toothbrushes are pretty loud, and the stands get dirty and gunky really easily.

Cool look & feel