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Ghost Town Oats makes delicious oat milk to replace the dairy in coffee, cereal, mac n cheese, and more.


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5 months ago

really so so great! I've had ghost town oats a few times in my matchas at Community Goods in LA and hope more coffee shops start using the brand as their choice oat milk soon. It's a very clean brand and tastes so creamy and delicious without making me feel sick after (ahem Oatly, that's you :/).


I want to see more of Ghost Town Oats

5 months ago

I've seen this oat milk brand popping up across various cafes in LA recently (Little Lunch in Venice, Community Goods in WeHo, BarNine in Culver City etc). The packaging is eye catching and gorgeous, love that it is women owned, and I can attest that it pairs super well with matcha! I would definitely experiment with using this oat milk at home if it were available in Seattle.


I hope you expand more soon (have only seen you in LA so far) and come to Seattle <3