Ghost Town Oats

Ghost Town Oats makes delicious oat milk to replace the dairy in coffee, cereal, mac n cheese, and more.

December 2020
Los Angeles, CA
Michelle R. Johnson
Eric J. Grimm
Ezra Baker
Founder attributes
Female-founded, Black-founded, LGBTQ-founded
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About Ghost Town Oats
Ghost Town Oats is the first Black-owned and barista owned oat milk company in the United States. Founded by Michelle R. Johnson with founding partners Ezra D. Baker and Eric J. Grimm, Ghost Town Oats is a premium barista quality oat milk designed for optimal performance in coffee shops and also as a standalone beverage for drinking and cooking. Ghost Town's mission is oat milk for every block, not just the gentrified ones. After an initial rollout in coffee shops, Ghost Town Oats will prioritize launches in convenience stores and bodegas, where oat milk isn't often found, particularly to reach communities of color who have higher incidences of lactose intolerance and have been classically excluded from the plant-based sphere.
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Ghost Town Oats

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