General Assembly Pizza

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General Assembly Pizza delivers chef-made, naturally leavened, and freshly-frozen pizza pies directly to your door.

General Assembly Pizza Reviews

General Assembly Pizza reviews


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3 reviews

10 months ago

I wanted to love these so much because they're a Toronto local brand, but honestly, the frozen pizzas are stupid expensive and disgusting. The crust was hard and crumbly and tasted like card board, and the pizza just did not cook up well. Would not buy again :(.

7 months ago

The general assembly pizza I tried was great! I usually get a margarita pizza when I'm out and about, and have also tried versions of them from the very affordable frozen aisle and can say that these pizzas are the perfect in-between! I bought a vegan one for my pal when they were sick with covid and they loved it - they ended up purchasing more. I'd argue that we can never get fresh restaurant quality from something frozen but these pizzas get us pretty darn close.

2 years ago

I tried the Loving Cup pepperoni pizza and thought it was pretty good. Pretty good for a frozen pizza but nothing like delivery pizza or pizza from a great restaurant. I'm not really sure why it missed the mark for me. I just remember feeling kinda meh about it. Good option for when you want za in a flash. Beats most frozen options at the store.