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Freestyle makes hyper absorbent diapers featuring plant-based, bamboo material and limited edition designs.


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4 months ago

I found Freestyle via ThingTesting but missed out on the discount. I did use Freestyle for the last 6 months or so of my kid's diaper journey, switched over from Coterie after they increased prices. I have to say I love the design of the diapers, it really spoke to me :) But felt Coterie was a bit softer. Otherwise, we didn't have any issues at all with Freestyle in terms of blow outs or logistics to getting the subscription. Ultimately we stopped using it after we potty trained. I appreciated the founder reaching out to hear more from me.

4 months ago

Was using Coterie but switched to Freestyle because the price was a bit better and I enjoy a fun design. For my little guy, I find the absorbency and fit to be much better than Coterie. Because the outside is a lays better under clothes and isn't so bulky looking. We've only had 1 blow out since switching about 8 months ago! Hoping they come out with a pull-up option soon!

4 months ago

Obsessed with these diapers! I’ve tried so many brands and these are by far my favorite. They are so soft and feel so much nicer than typical plastic diapers. They hold in tons of liquid without doing the thing other brands do, where they turn to gel when too wet. Will definitely recommend to other parents! Worth the try out if you are considering:)

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4 months ago

Literally the BEST diapers out there! Not only are they made out of bamboo (better for the environment!) and super soft but they are so absorbent and last all night! The designs are also fun and trendy which makes me happy as a "cool mom" ;)

4 months ago

These diapers are amazing!!! My daughter is now a one year old and we have been using these her whole life. I knew I was going to hate buying two different types of diapers, one for every day use and one for nights. But with these I can use them for both days and nights. They are so absorbent and so soft for our little one.

4 months ago


Absolutely love these diapers! I wanted a more sustainable diaper, with less or no plastic, and with no bad things to harm my baby, and that actually held up all night, and this diaper is all of that! Plus fun patterns! It could improve on fit around the waist/around top of legs, but other than that, it's great!

4 months ago

Influencer for Freestyle

These diapers are incredible, I am not sure why not everyone is talking about them! I love love them! They’re so soft and longer than normal. My sons poo never comes out the diaper! :)

4 months ago

Received a free product from Freestyle

The best eco friendly diapers!!! Have used them for all my kids and on #4 right now & OBSESSED. You will not regret using freestyle diapers.

4 months ago

First time, I bought the diapers at grocery store to test it out before made the decisions to subscription with the brand. And the results are great quality diapers & lovely patterns. We love it and stop searching for other diaper brands.

4 months ago

On the hunt for a blowout-proof diaper with my first and I’m so glad I found freestyle! These diapers are so quality, don’t blowout, and eliminates the need for an overnight diaper. Also the patterns are so Gorg. I love them so much.