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Four Point Puzzles creates jigsaw puzzles that mix contemporary art and design to create unique products.


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a year ago

Lovely puzzle, came missing one piece but costumer support was super nice and mailed me the missing piece. Cool.

10 months ago

I've completed one Four Point Puzzles puzzle (Several Found Things) and have one more on my shelf (Earth). The one small thing I didn't love is the square shape, as it hung off my tiny coffee table that is perfectly sized for most rectangle shaped 1000 piece puzzles, but other than that, the experience was fantastic. The pieces literally hung off the edge of the coffee table (rather than crumbling and falling to the floor), so that shows that the pieces are sturdy and they click together well. I will continue to buy Four Point Puzzles in the future.


Square puzzles are taller than rectangular puzzles.

a year ago

I have done a LOT of puzzles. I’ve done them casually all throughout my life, but have completed over 200 in the last three years, from dozens of different brands. Four Point is among my top 5 favourite brands, hands down. Just amazing quality (thick, sturdy pieces, excellent fit, no puzzle dust, resealable bag, smooth semi-matte finish, and the whole thing lays perfectly flat when complete). Honestly, a puzzler can scarcely ask for more than that!


Their online store operates in US$ only, despite the fact that they are a Canadian company, based in Hamilton, Ontario. I’d love the opportunity to purchase in Canadian dollars so I know exactly how much I’m spending, rather than waiting for my credit card statement to see what exchange rate they charged me.

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2 years ago

The quality is top notch. The feel of the pieces and connection is perfect. The images are challenging but fun. The customer service is fantastic 10/10 recommend

2 years ago

I’ve purchased multiple puzzles from Four Point and each one blows me away! From the art to the customer service, everything has been outstanding. I am so proud to own these works of art.


Truly no areas I see needing improvement. This company and their products are next level.

2 years ago

Beautiful looking puzzles but I never got the order I placed. I read the shipping page carefully before placing an order to ensure it would arrive on time. The company then said by email they were not able to ship to me any time soon. There are serious issues hundreds of kilometres from my delivery address but they are not seriously affecting air shipments and local deliveries to my address. Without going into detail, this was just the most ridiculous exchange I have ever had with a business. Complete disappointment.