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Formulate offers customized hair, scalp and skin care designed by your own personal chemist.

Formulate Reviews

Formulate reviews


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12 days ago

Left my hair waxy. I asked for a return and customer service offered a new formula. New formula was mildly better than the first, so I again asked for a refund. They told me I was no longer eligible for a refund because I accepted a new formula, but they could send a third formula at my expense. Less than impressed with the commitment to their product and customer service.

3 months ago

Fantastic conditioner, has made a huge difference in my hair health


3 months ago

It made my hair feel very dry, greasy, and heavy. It seemed as though I never got all of the soap out even tho I rinsed it longer than I would with any other soap I have tried.

4 months ago

I put my order in well over a week ago and they still haven’t started making it. I have tried to contact them and there has been no answer.

7 months ago

This is the best custom haircare brand I have come across though they're certainly not perfect. The communication with the team is better and easier and seems to result in more genuinely visible improvements. I feel that they have been worth the money so far but will only continue buying them if I see continued improvement over the next 12 months.

a year ago

I met with a chemist who reviewed my Personal Hair quiz. I was informed that if I don't like my formula it can be adjusted until it's where I want it! They came in 2 8oz size bottles. The smell was a little bit strong for my liking but otherwise fresh. The texture on the shampoo and conditioner was paste like. There wasn't much of a lather but I was informed that my hair may be too oily and need a second wash. The results I received from this shampoo and conditioner after one wash was incredible. My curl pattern immediatly came back and my hair overall felt very hydrated!


I think the smell was alittle too strong for me. I probably would have been satisfied with no fragrance.

a year ago

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These products made my hair feel sticky, heavy, and greasy. It felt like there was a ton of product in that would not wash out no matter how much I rinse. It left a sticky buildup on my hair brush that wouldn’t wash off, so I ended up just throwing it out and buying a new brush. I tried the consultation with the chemist, and her suggestion was to use “A LOT more conditioner.” That only made it worse, and at that rate I’d run out of the small bottles so fast it would be not at all worth the price even if it worked. My hands feel slimes after I run them through my hair after using these products.

a year ago

I was so excited to get my product because I can not find a product that works with my hair. This product has my hair so greasy. I have to wash it before work and before bed. It literally ruined a pillowcase and I’m not impressed, I had high hopes considering the price.


Maybe if they offered smaller or trial size products to see if it works for people.

2 years ago

It's a great idea but I just wasn't a fan for the price. They ask you not to use any other products, which I understand, but it's also not feasible for people who have lots of hair needs. I didn't even want to use extra product because my hair felt so oversaturated with just shampoo and conditioner. My ends felt like straw but my scalp felt super oily. My hair felt like I hadn't washed it in 3 days immediately after a wash. The very little texture that I can illicit from my straight hair was completely gone. My hair was absolutely stick straight and had very little volume. It looked good to other people but I didn't like how my hair felt. I didn't want to touch it. I honestly think OGX works 10x better than this. Pros: - Long lasting scent - Purple tint worked very well for debrassing - Hair looked sleek - No issues with scalp Cons: - Smells a little chemical-like (Coconut) - Hair feels very heavy - Unmanageable hair, tangles a lot more - Did not feel like my hair was clean - Eliminated any texture in my hair - Too expensive for such a little pay off


Cheaper prices, better smell, different bottle design.

2 years ago

I love everything about Formulate! Their formulation team is amazing, and the product is even better. I have curly hair that I bleach and color regularly. Formulate helps keep my hair healthy and my curls looking amazing.


I've been using Formulate for just over 2 years now and will never go back to store brand shampoo and conditioner. If I need a bit more moisture in the dry winter months they can adjust it, when the humid summer months roll around they increase my frizz control. I have never had such customization in a product!