Flintt's Mints

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Flintt's Mints sells breath mints in a range of flavors.

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Flintt's Mints Reviews

4 days ago

Flintt's are wild. They are tasty but unlike anything I've ever had in a mint, reminiscent of a buzz button. It's not just that they keep your mouth watering, they also make it go a little numb and a little buzzy. They're very fun.


I'd love to see them in more stores!

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19 days ago

Huge fan of Flintts! They def get rid of dry mouth and the tingle is super fun!! They are sour and sweet and have a tingle that's similar to sechuan peppercorn but in these mints its from a natural flower called buzz buttons :) My fav flavor is Tangerine. I love that it comes in different 'strengths' - the cinnamon one is really good, too.


It would be fun to have a pack that has mixed flavors!

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Allie P's review of Flintt's Mints
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