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Flamingo makes body care essentials offering easy and highly effective products for all personal care routines.

Flamingo Reviews

Flamingo reviews


70% of reviewers would recommend to a friend

Reviews mention

  • Long-lasting razors
  • Easy-to-replace blades
  • Non-scented soothing lotion
  • Stylish razor design
  • Durability issues with razor heads
  • Customer service complaints
  • Problems with international refunds
  • Grip comfort on razor

Flamingo is appreciated for its long-lasting, easy-to-use, and stylish razors and its soothing, non-scented lotion. However, reviews indicate some durability issues with the razor heads and customer service complaints, particularly for international customers.

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201 reviews

15 days ago

No relationship

BUYER BEWARE!!!! I have been using dermaplane razors for over 10 years without incident. View Your Deal was advertising Flamingo’s version and I purchased them. A picture is worth a 1000 words ~ see photos of what Flamingos product did to my face upon first use before buying ANYTHING from Flamingo!!

3 months ago

My shaving brand for life. Packaging changes quite frequently, which can be frustrating, but I really like the products. Shaving cream smells AMAZING!

4 months ago

It works pretty well, but is mostly just good marketing I think. I've found that the part where the head attaches is not well constructed and comes loose.

6 months ago

I’ve been so happy since switching to my Flamingo razor. The reasonably priced refills are a plus, while the chic colours help too.

5 months ago

Longtime customer - razor is easy to use and does the job. Not sure it's any better/worse than similar razors (Athena, Harry's) I'm obsessed with the lotion - the scent and moisture is super luxurious for the price.

5 months ago

I think I got the initial razor set for free or discounted. Overall it's good! I like that it has 5 blades. Works well, the handle is comfy, and it does the job.

5 months ago

Standard razor, nothing really special other than the color

2 months ago

I ordered from this company and had to return a couple items and had to do this within 7 days and I had to pay for delivery and then they only reimbursed me for one of the items and of course the cheaper one I returned a set and then a shirt and they only gave me the funds for the shirt anyways be very careful with this company

5 months ago

I recently purchased this brand and I’m happy with it so far. I love that it has more blades (5) than my normal razor and I feel like it’s lasted longer as well. Also, I think it was slightly cheaper for the refills which is a plus!

6 months ago

Bought a flamingo razor & shaving cream set in a retail store - I think it was either Target or a Walgreens/CVS. I'm always game to try new razors just for fun. Their razor was fine. I do like that the handle has some weight to it, which makes it a bit easier to hold/less slippery when shaving my legs in the shower. Other than that, I didn't find anything particularly revolutionary about their product, but the shaving cream did smell good!

3 years ago

It was fine but the head of the razor is awkwardly sized and shaped - which made it difficult to use, especially in harder to reach places.


Razor + holder feels and looks like cheap plastic ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

3 years ago

I was very excited about Flamingo's branding and product, but the razor is just okay. Unlike most razor with a soap bar, Flamingo's razor doesn't glide the easiest. I could also never get the holder to stay on my wall-it broke by the second time I tried to put it up.

8 months ago

My favorite razor brand! I've tried the drugstore staples, then Billie, then Harry's, and even the overly fancy throw-back single razor blade brand Henson. First, what I love about Flamingo is that it's become easily accessible being available at retail stores like Target and CVS, as well as Amazon. Next, the pricing is reasonable for the items—I paid $15 for 4 blades, 1 handle, and 1 hook on Amazon. And even had the choice to pick from various modern colorways vs. the typical pink and purple most women's razor blade handles are. The blades themselves are quite large and have 5 rows with top and bottom "comfort system" which I believe is loaded with aloe and shea butter. They do allow for a close, safe shave with any amount of pressure. I used to nick my ankles and knees a lot with other brands, but haven't had that issue with Flamingo. I recently tried their shaving cream, which was $17 for three 6.7-ounce bot,tles and was surprised at the high quality of the product. It mentions that the shaving cream is thick, but you only need to use a little bit and it expands and gets super rich to spread across areas and lather up. The first time I used it I definitely used way too much, but I'm glad I can stretch the bottles to last knowing now that a little bit goes a long way. My husband also uses the shaving cream for his head. Overall, I'll keep buying and supporting this brand because it's made my life easier when I need refills, travel versions, etc.

9 months ago

Razor is ok. “Holder” is awful. Barely stays on the wall & barely holds the razor. Both the razor & holder from Billie are much better.

a year ago

I have used their razor and shaving cream. I really like the razor a lot. Eat time I use it I get a close shave and I don’t hav any nicks or cuts. I also love their color scheme as lavender is my favorite color. The price point is also great!

2 years ago

I bought the pink Flamingo razor w/ wall holder and the shaving gel. I was pleased that it came with an extra replacement blade!

2 years ago

I bought the wax strips to use on my bottom and thighs before going to the beach. I’ve been waxing at home and at the salon for years so I’m familiar with the process but I was not prepared for the outcome of these strips. The wax barely pulled out any hairs and instead left a horrible sticky, wax mess all over me. I used every single one of the little oily wipes that it came with to remove the excess wax but it just wouldn’t come off. I tried soaking and scrubbing it off in the tub but it still wouldn’t budge. I don’t want to be crude but my butt crack was actually completely sealed shut for awhile. One bath and an hour of rubbing the wax with various oils and lotions later, I got all the mess off but was left with what looked like diaper rash and most of the hair that I started with.