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Fishwife makes ethically-sourced and traceable premium tinned seafood like smoked albacore tuna and rainbow trout.

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Fishwife Reviews

Fishwife reviews

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91% of reviewers would recommend to a friend

Reviews mention

  • High-quality ethically-sourced fish
  • Variety of delicious flavors
  • Attractive, standout packaging
  • Promotes sustainability and transparency
  • High price point
  • Small portion sizes
  • Strong flavoring in some products
  • Strong smell in some products

Fishwife is appreciated for its high-quality, ethically-sourced fish that comes in a variety of flavors and beautiful packaging. Customers commend their collaborations and sustainability efforts. However, the brand's high prices and small portion sizes are cited as negatives. The strong flavoring and smell of some products were also not well-received by a few customers.

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163 reviews


4 days ago

some of the best tin fish i've had! very much a splurge, the cost is a lot for what you get. cute packaging though.

11 days ago

These tinned fish are soooo good! I bought the 2023 Big Fish Pack so I could try a bunch of different flavors. The fish holds up over time and tastes so premium. The one thing I'll add is that it's pretty expensive for tinned fish, and there are still great brands at my local grocery store that I would purchase for more regular tinned fish consumption. This is a great special occasion snack!

a month ago

Obviously the packaging and branding is A1, but as cute as that is, the price point is way too high to see myself as a repeat customer. I bought a little bit of everything for my husband to try and his comments were “that one brand from MOM is still better. (Raincoast) I tried the smoked tuna myself and wasn’t really feeling it. It was such a tiny amount and I didn't like the smoke flavor. That’s my personal preference, so if you’re a smoky person it may be wonderful. It almost seems like they’re a graphic design house that stumbled upon fish, instead of the other way around.

a month ago

Love the flavour, the texture and how it taste. But the only thing is that it is exapensive for the amount. But overall it is really good and I love the packaging.

3 days ago

For all my tinned fish girlies - this is IT! Not only is the packaging the cutest, but the flavors are so so so yummy and the perfect topping on any crisp. The smoked salmon is definitely one of my favorites, especially paired with a pita chip, squeeze of lemon, side of mini pickles, a some hot sauce. This could easily be a yummy "girl dinner" or something to crack open with some friends over wine. Love this tinned brand!


a month ago

I eat a lot of tinned fish. I did it before it was trendy. Fishwife is one of my favorites. Especially on the go so that I don’t have to elevate my own can of sardines or salmon. Fishwife is always ready to go.


15 days ago

I tried the tined anchovies and honestly they were exceptional anchovies. That being said ,the price point is a little high for what it is. The quality is definitely there, but at the end of the day I can't always justify spending so much on tinned fish. Definitely a fantastic upgrade when it's in the budget though!


23 days ago

Very tasty, the quality of the oil really makes a difference! Also the packaging is so cute- I feel like I need to put it on display! Would be fun for a gift but probably not an every day purchase.


a month ago

I purchased the anchovy tin and attempted to use it as a base for flavor in a pasta recipe. The product was easy to use - the anchovies dissolved quickly and easily in the dish. However, the flavor was quite bold (bolder than I expected) and created a very strong smell in the house. I don't feel as though it really added much of anything and I will probably not use their product again as the base of a dish. It was not cheap, created a lot of extra waste and I didn't love the final product.