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FAVES makes candy from upcycled fruits and vegetables, delivering a full serving of nutrients in every pack.


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2 years ago

I grabbed a pack of these as a snack and I enjoyed them! They reminded me a bit of Starbursts but less chewy. I enjoyed the grape flavor and it felt healthy to me. I'm not sure this is something I would keep around the house, but I would grab them if I was on the go or in a grocery store. I like that they are upcycled too.


I wish they didn't have to be individually packaged.

2 years ago

FAVES are healthy and look like a better-for-you Starburst. The "veggie" part is I think what fazes me a bit. Wish they tasted a bit sweeter and fruitier! But for candy lovers looking for a healthy alternative, these are probably a nice option.


Not as fruit-forward tasting as I would've liked.

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2 years ago

While I love the concept I did not love the flavor. My initial impression was that they were terrible, however they did grow on me a bit. That being said I won't be ordering them again.