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Everlywell offers 30+ at-home lab tests delivered directly to your door, sharing your results within days.

Everlywell Reviews

Everlywell reviews


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3 years ago

I first used Everlywell 3 years ago and it was a great experience - delivery was quick, packaging and instructions were perfect, and I got my results within 2 days. This year (2021), however, it was not great. It took over 10 days just to receive my kit and I didn't get results for 22 days! It was faster to go to a lab, get bloodwork done and receive results. Communication with the brand was also delayed, reactive and robotic - no real answers and I had to constantly follow up about the delay. Huge let-down!


1. Communicate better and let people know if you're expecting delays. 2. Change the website copy to reflect actual delivery and testing times.