Dr. Martens

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Dr, Martens makes premium leather, rubber-soled shoes in a variety of styles.

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Dr. Martens Reviews

Dr. Martens reviews

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21 reviews

All21Dr. Martens Black 1461 Derbys1

4 months ago

They can be hard to break in but I have had a pair of Doc Marten Chelsea boots for about 4 years now and they still look brand new after a lot of Midwestern winter days. Definitely high-quality products.

6 months ago

buying a pair lasts forever if you take care of them. and a lot of classic styles so super worth it

6 months ago

If you have the persistence to work through the 'breaking them in' process, Dr. Martens will become a staple in your wardrobe, and they will be there forever because Docs are made to last.

Dr. Martens Black 1461 Derbys

2 months ago

Dr. Martens shoes are almost indestructible. I have two pairs, one classic black boot and one classic laced shoe. They take some time to break in and might hurt a bit at the beginning but after a while they become very comfy. I use them almost every day.

6 months ago

I love my Dr Martens. I have the pink ones and have gotten so many compliments. They take some breaking in and they cause bad blisters at the top if you don’t cover your bare skin. But they are great quality.

9 months ago

I have several docs and I love them so so much. The quality is great. I lived in Connecticut for four years and didn't want to invest in shoes for the winter so I just wore my docs and they withstood the snow and salted pavements. Towards the end of my time in CT was when docs really started to become a trend out there (I am from California and they have always been a trend out here!) that someone complimented me and asked if they were new.... at that point, my docs were 8 years of wear. If you take good care of them, they'll last a lifetime, plus they're super comfortable. Side note, I am a working professional in the biotech industry, and everyone still compliments them at work.... my company has a "professional business dresscode" and docs are complimented? I just think theyre a fan favorite to everyone. I believe everyone deserves a pair!!

9 months ago

Love them from a fashion standpoint, but the boots are not that comfortable.

a year ago

What is there to praise about Docs that hasn't already been said? I have two pairs and they go with almost everything I've ever worn them with. They're THE essential leather combat boot. For the love of God, please learn how to break them in and save the back of your legs the blisters, but don't ever let that deter your from the best boots purchase you could make.

9 months ago

Hurts to break them in, but it's sooo worth it. They last for decades, hold up nicely, and never go out of style. One of the best purchase I've made for myself!