Dr. Browns

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Dr. Browns makes innovative, functional baby products that promote good health and optimal nutrition

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Dr. Browns reviews


80% of reviewers would recommend to a friend

5 reviews

10 months ago

Great bottles. My baby likes both the wide nipple and narrow nipple. I really like their glass bottles. Anti colic is the way too go

7 months ago

These are the only bottles we used and I loved them! They also have good toothbrushes for baby/toddler! Easy to clean bottles.

a year ago


Great slow flow bottles! They leaked a little bit, but I love the various feeding options.

a year ago

We are a huge Dr Browns family. We loved their bottles, sippy cups and bottle sterilizer. We can’t recommend them enough

a year ago

We received the Dr. Browns baby sterilizer at our baby shower and after the first few uses the sterilizer has a brown liquid at the bottom of the sterilizer.