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Doctor Rogers reviews


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9 months ago

Received a free product from Doctor Rogers

Doctor Rogers is a dermatologist line focused on simple but effective ingredients. Full disclosure: I won a giveaway on their Instagram and had an opportunity to try the whole line (this is the old packaging, I believe she has more products now) and have thoughts about each of them. For context, I have oily, acne prone skin and use a lot of strong actives, so replenishing and moisturizing products are essential in my routine. Starting with the cleanser: this is a nice cleanser. The bottle is big and it lathers nicely so you don't need much product but it's a bit more expensive than I would typically spend on a cleanser. There are no irritants in it so if your skin is very sensitive it might be worth it. The face lotion and cream: I love this face lotion. It's lightweight for day time and contains really nice ingredients for moisturizing and repairing my skin barrier. The cream is definitely heavier, too heavy to use all over my face since I'm so oily but I like to use it around my eyes and lips. It would be amazing for dry skin (my husband has very dry skin and it works great for him). I think if you're in the market for a good moisturizer, go for it! The real star of the line is the Healing Balm though. I have been through many tubes and love it for my lips and for slugging around my eyes. I have a lanolin sensitivity so if I use Aquaphor too much, I end up getting breakouts and this is a solid alternative. It is gentle and locks in moisture without any irritation. Overall I recommend this line and really enjoy using the products. I'm only removing a star because I feel like they are a bit expensive.