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Djerf Avenue makes non-seasonal, ready-to-wear, ethically produced clothes.

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5 months ago

Love how cute the pajamas prints are and the comfort of the material. Shipping took a long time and products are often sold out. Other than that I really recommend the clothing.

10 months ago

Matilda Djerf is someone that I truly look up to as a role model, and I had been saving up to make a purchase from Djerf Avenue for the longest time. With that being said, I could not be sadder to write this review. I did all the necessary research and measurements beforehand to ensure that I would buy the pieces I wanted in the right size (esp because everything is upwards of $100 apiece!). Because most of the pieces are designed to be oversized, I sized down from my usual. I bought the white breezy shirt, blue and white striped breezy pants, and grey forever blazer. I love that the clothes are ethically produced with sustainably sourced materials, but they felt like they were made from cheap fabric - almost reminiscent of fast fashion. Apart from the pants, everything came super wrinkled. I am a bit taller and about the same size as Matilda so I ended up buying everything in the size that she wears (Small), but the breezy shirt and blazer swallowed me and looked so unflattering. I was particularly excited about the breezy shirt and tried to style it the best I could but it looked terrible on me no matter what I did. As I write this, the blazer is on its way back to be exchanged for an XS, and I will be returning the shirt completely. Overall, this experience was a giant letdown and I am too afraid to make another clothing purchase from them again due to the high price point & how different the clothes actually are from how they appear on social media. Super happy DA seems to be a fave for a lot of folks, but it just isn't for me!


Given the insane price point, I honestly expected the clothes to be of comparable quality, if not superior, to Aritzia. I hate to say it, but you are honestly better off taking your money to another high-end brand for basics.

9 months ago

A consumer

I LOVE my robe in the dream cake color. It has a nice terry cloth material and is super durable while I do my routines. It is so comfortable, that I have a hard time taking it off. I got a headband to go with it. The headband is functional because it is easy to adjust to different head sizes. Overall, I am excited to work with the brand more in the future.


I do think the price point is higher, but the quality is there. Also, not everyone has PayPal. I hope they open up there point of sale options more.