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Cutino Sauce makes handmade and gourmet hot sauces inspired by habanero peppers.


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a year ago

Everything is wonderful about this sauce. There are many things that make you feel good holding the bottle: Beautiful natural colors; A cool shape; Great branding. None of that compares to the distinct and delicious taste. You are sure to find bold flavor, but you’ll be surprised at how any of the sauces lend themselves to daily use. It’s my favorite sauce.


It’s not cheap for the amount of sauce you get, but it’s worth it. Sometimes the hole can get clogged, but it’s hard to say how different that is from other sauces of this type.

a year ago

My favorite hot sauce! The habanero is my go-to for everything, but I have one of every flavor—for every occasion! Perfect blend of spice and flavor, adds to any dish.

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a year ago

Cutino Sauce is the best flavored hot sauce I've ever had and will likely ever have in my life. It's the perfect amount of heat and spice, not too much and definitely not too little. I love that the freshest of ingredients are used to make the sauce and you can tell in the overall quality.

a year ago

Amazing vegetable forward hot sauce, not your traditional vinegar based sauce like all the rest do, Cutinos hot sauce is the real deal, flavor first condiment that can be cooked with.

a year ago

Amazing hot sauce! Such great flavor and their limited edition sauces are amazing too. I’ve also given the entire line as gifts before and everyone loves it.

a year ago

Honestly the best hot sauce hands down. I literally drown my food in the ghost. LOVE the creativity with all the seasonal fruit flavors too. Incredible customer service and quick shipping. Which is important so I can always have a constant supply. Yum!

a year ago

My favorite hot sauce hands down! Since trying their Ghost sauce, I struggle to eat anything with out sauce poured all over it. I also love the variety they offer, like the Verde sauce for breakfast meals. LOVE EM!

2 years ago

The absolute BEST hot sauce around. As an Arizonan, I think I grew up having hot sauce in my bottle, so when I say the best, I mean it! Great flavor. Spicy but not overwhelming. The Pineapple one is great on pizza. The Ghost is lovely on pot beans, eggs, avocado toast, you name it. Habanero on my burritos. The only one I haven’t tried is the Blueberry, it’s in the mail on its way to me as I type. The 4 pack is my go to gift for my family. Seriously, the best small batch, high flavor hot sauce around.