Cult Gaia

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Cult Gaia makes a collection of versatile, earth-conscious clothing pieces for women.

Cult Gaia Reviews

Cult Gaia reviews


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8 reviews

8 days ago

Return policy SUCKS / non existent! I bought a clutch from them for my wife’s birthday. Turns out Cult Gaia isn’t her style. I went to return the bag but the most they’ll give me is store credit, no cash refund. I don’t think it’s that much to ask for a refund for a product you’re giving back that’s untouched, in the box and bag with tags etc. it’s standard practice and good customer service. Not offering a refund just screams that a business isn’t stable and grabbing at revenue where they can. Cause frankly it’s ridiculous.

3 months ago

I purchased a good amount of clothing 2/25. I didn't realized one dress had a snag that eventually will become a whole in the back of the red dress. I guess they don't have a manager today and the two people there didn't even care to help. The first employee said there was nothing there. Really?. I explained I had unforeseen situations come up. Again they didn't care. As matter of fact the second employee walked away as I was saying they lost a customer. At this store they will pretend to be nice to make the sale but when it comes to customer service forget it. They are not very well trained in customer service. You are better of buying from Nordstrom if you like this brand. They do know customer service!

10 months ago

Cult Gaia makes products & designs like no other! I bough one of their bags during a sale & I am so happy with the quality of it. This brand is definitely a splurge, but everyone I know that has bought from them, has been happy.

2 years ago

Trendy and fun styles, sometimes a bit overpriced and / or inconsistently priced but great pieces for vacation.

2 years ago

Girlfriend has some pieces from here, and they consistently get compliments and praise. Their clutches and wallets are very high quality and nice. The pieces themselves are on the higher-end price wise, but it definitely feels like you get your money's worth. The designs are unique enough that it is unlikely you will find the same thing for cheaper

10 months ago

Bought a pair Elodie Platform shoes that were previously used and had poor craftsmanship and CultGaia sold them to me as new and high quality shoes, then used the excuse of final sale for not giving me an exchange because the shoes ran bigger than true size. The shoes were previously used, stretched, and the quality was poor, the sides of the shoes were already ungluing, I can tell they tried to glue them back before shipping because ion the strong smell of glue when I opened the box. I would advise anyone not to buy from these people, poor craftsmanship in their items and if you are not satisfied with your bought item you will not get your money back.

a year ago

Refused an exchange even though item comes up very small


I purchased an item in their sale which stated it was a size M. I am a size 8-10 uk though when the item arrived it came up very small. They have an item in L available but are refusing to swap the item. They keep referring to a policy though have the autonomy to swap the item which wouldn’t leave them in the same stock position. This item and my £300 will now be wasted. Very disappointed will not shop with them again.

a year ago

Bought the worst quality dress, poorly made, weird and avoidable design flaws and even worse customer service, stuck with a terrible thousand dollar dress which I discovered had terrible reviews after and was deeply discounted online.