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Iconic lightweight clogs that prioritize comfort and versatility

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Crocs Reviews

Crocs reviews

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Reviews mention

  • Comfortable footwear
  • Versatile usage
  • High durability
  • Personalizable with jibbits
  • Questionable aesthetic appeal
  • Insufficient foot support
  • Issues with sizing
  • Straps' durability concerns

Crocs are lauded for their comfort, versatility, durability, and customizability but criticized for their style, insufficient support, and certain durability issues.

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347 reviews

19 days ago

I love wearing my crocs around my house and backyard. They are easy to slip on and can get wet. However mine did shrink while they were in the sun.

2 days ago

Because I really don’t like the way the crocs look. Other than that they’re great. They are comfy and affordable and they last forever.

22 days ago

I am a crocs fan until I die lol. I own 1 pair currently - the platform white pair. I added a bunch of cute jibbits and they are such a great staple for my wardrobe. Last week I purchased my husband the matty matheson work crocs and he LOVES THEM! I am dying to get my hands on the new red clogs they put out. they are sold out but as soon as they restock i’m grabbin em’ ~ crocs are really comfortable and easy to clean. highly recommend <3

18 days ago

My kids are obsessed with crocs!! They each have 2 pairs and they can’t live without them!

16 days ago

I wear my crocs all the time! They are perfect because they can get wet and they are comfy and easy to slip on .

a month ago

My crocs are my go-to shoe, everytime. I wear them for everything!!!!! So so comfortable.

a month ago

I love my crock, sexy, sling sandals so much! They are light easy to pack and comfortable to wear.

a month ago

Absolutely obsessed with crocs! I’d live in them 24/7 if I could!!

6 months ago

I used to like this brand when I was younger, but I found that over time I wasn't a fan of their footwear. I do like that they are customizable, but they tend to get dirty very fast.

3 months ago

Crocs are crocs like they cool but an Ugg is so much better. I will say my husband LOVES his crocs and has the regular and the fur-lined so I think it’s just what look you’re into.

5 months ago

My favorite shoes for mowing the lawn and doing yard work. Super easy to slide on get dirty. A quick spray with the hose cleans them to like new condition.

6 months ago

Still don't get why they're so popular to be honest. I find it very uncomfortable. perhaps not a fit for my style and feet.

3 months ago

Bought some crocs with the fuzzies, and wore them all these week. I had no idea they were going to be this comfortable. Used to use crocs all through high school, so glad they now have so many more styles. Can't wait to try the sandals!

6 months ago

They're incredibly comfortable. I wore them as my camp shoes on a backpacking trip, and taking off my hiking boots and putting these on was amazing. My only issue is the look. I know that's superficial but I just can't get past it.

4 months ago

I swore I wouldn’t buy them, and now we all have a pair for in the house! Comfy!