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Coterie creates comfortable and more sufficient baby diapers that are affordable.


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4 hours ago

These diapers feel luxurious and soft which I love for my baby. The subscription makes it super easy which I really appreciate with a newborn - one less thing I need to think of! But - they’re super expensive and I haven’t had any difference in preventing blowouts than when using the Amazon brand 😬 they do hold more pee, but that’s never been an issue for us. Ultimately I love these diapers for the luxurious feel and love giving my baby the best, but I stopped buying them due to the cost.


2 months ago

I got these in a sample pack and they have been the best diapers. They are also the most expensive diapers out there. Once you realize how many diapers you go through it’s hard to justify the cost. If I had unlimited funds, these would be the only ones I bought.

4 months ago

I laughed at the Coterie ads on Instagram when I first saw them; “These diapers help parents sleep” seemed like a gimmick ad aimed at sleep-deprived parents. BUT THEN. We started using Coterie diapers just around the same time as we did sleep training. So franky, I don’t know what’s cause and correlation, but right now we’ve been lucky on the sleep front for a few months. I have zero reasons to mess with that, and so for now, I continue to be a huge fan despite the steep price tag. (We use Coterie diapers exclusively in the night to even out the cost a bit...) FYI: I took a close-up pic bc Coterie diapers are quite different in texture vs other diapers. They feel softer and have almost a textured feel to them. If you are figuring out what diapers to get I really recommend getting the Babylist “Diaper test kit” so you can test your way to your favorite!

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2 months ago

Friends with Coterie

Coterie is a luxury clean diaper. They are soft, sustainable, hella absorbent, and made with the best materials. Their subscription service is costly but easy to manage, pause and cancel. Their wipes are the best wipes I have found for my baby: durable and massive. These are the wipes you want during a blowout or when you’ve got pizza grease all over your hand and your baby’s knees (why??!)

3 months ago

Love the concept of this brand. Love the ease of the membership and the UI of the website and how I don't have to think about buying diapers. Also, the fit and material feel is so good for my baby. After having some skin rash issues with other brands Coterie's diapers always keep my baby's sensitive skin dry and never had a rash.

2 months ago

My daughter went almost an entire year without getting a single diaper rash, one week after switching to these she got the worst diaper dermatitis I have ever seen. She was in so much pain. We went to three doctors who all misdiagnosed her with a yeast infection. Finally got her to a dermatologist who asked if we had switched her diaper recently and a lightbulb went off. Stopped using Coterie and the rash cleared up in 48 hours. Super expensive and she still had leaks on top of it. Not worth the money

2 months ago

They're marketed as affordable but I don't consider that accurate and I'm not sure most people would. I've tried them, they're great and very absorbent but the price is unsustainable. There is another similar option available at Target for cheaper.

3 months ago

We love Coterie and have been using them for or the last four months. Baby is now seven months old and we've never had a diaper rash or redness that didn't go away within the day. We've tried other popular brands along with Honest, Millie Moon and Dyper, but Coterie fit our baby's body shape the best without having too much extra diaper around the bottom. With other brands even when the diapers looked like a large fit poop would still blow out the back or front. We've already sized up twice and apart from a few newborn diapers we haven't had a front/back blowout in months. There have been a few side leaks but that was after baby had been going wild in his activity center. The tape fastener is really strong and sometimes I get it snagged on the new diaper as I'm pulling the old one away, not really an inconvenience though. They're plain white on the outside so it's easy to see the wetness indicators. The outside is also very soft and doesn't feel plasticky or waxy, just a soft-to-the-touch material. The inner cuff is also frilly and looks really cute. These diapers are absolutely a luxury but I think you get what you pay for with them.

a year ago

Coterie diapers are the one item I tell my pregnant friends about.

2 years ago

Invested in Coterie

the diapers are simply put the best on the market: super soft, amazing absorption, great fit... the wipes are also great, can't wait for them to launch a pull ups line... definitely a bit pricier than alternatives but totally worth it...