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Colugo makes lightweight strollers, carriers, car seats, backpacks, and other accessories for newborns.

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2 years ago

The Complete Stroller was the 2nd item we put on our Baby Registry. After a LOT of research, we decided to go with the complete because we lived in Brooklyn and wanted a stroller that was durable, and dependable. Alongside the stroller, we bought all the accessories, the bumbag, the infant set, and the stroller warmer. We also have the baby carrier and it's so lovely, this brand is durable and easy to clean/care for -also! They donate strollers that are returned to museums to be used and they also sell refurbished ones, trying to be more inclusive with their price point. Their customer service is amazing!!

a year ago

I bought the compact stroller since we have family on the other coast and it was supposedly good for travel since you can store it in the overhead bins and it even comes with a carrying case. Due to the pandemic we hadn’t flown since the baby was born, so we didn’t get a chance to test this. However, we still use it to this day and it’s held up great. It also comes with a rain cover, and ours came with cold weather padding (neither of which we used, since, california). We weren’t looking for anything special in a stroller and don’t run, so we just wanted the basics. The price was also way better than other strollers I found. Yes, there are fancier strollers out there, but for the price, we’re very happy with our choice. We also got the infant attachment and it worked great.


I wish there was some more guidance on how to use it out of the baby phase. We’re not sure if we have the back at a good position or how to make it more comfortable for when our now toddler needs to use it.

2 years ago

I have the Colugo Baby Carrier and it's great. I love it, and my daughters did/do too. It's really comfortable for both of us. I particularly like the flap that covers the baby's head in the sunlight or when they're napping.