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Coach makes designer handbags, wallets, accessories, and more.

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5 months ago

I love Coach. I have at least 10 purses (at least two were birthday gifts) and two wallets, one of which I use as a phone case. They are versatile, well-made, and very attractive. I always checkout the Coach store when I traveling to look for new colors or designs. I'm looking for a kelly green satchel for years but it has always alluded me. LOL However, I've happily made due with gorgeous bags in teal, black, orange, pink, black with roses, and their classic CC design in black/grey and brown/tan.

a month ago

Huge selection of handbags that are made with quality material that will last the test of time. Rating a little lower because I wish they had more items without their logo/brand.

3 months ago

I've consistently gotten amazing gifts from family members from Coach and the brand has really been on their A-game lately. I got a Peanuts x Coach collab wristlet with Woodstock on it (my favorite) and it's my go-to wallet! So cute and perfect for gifts.

3 months ago

I "borrowed' two shoulder bags from my mom that I love! I'm pretty sure they were made in the 90s and they still look great!

shoulder bag

3 months ago

Their collabs are always really thoughtful, and the coach pieces I have always last long and look beautiful. They're a brand I consistently come back to for gifting, and for myself!

3 months ago

coach has changed pretty dramatically over the last few years, and definitely for the better. i feel like they have more fun designs and colors, and it works! i purchased a wool scarf with a color block pattern that was pink, yellow, ivory, and brown at an outlet store for only $90. the quality is incredible and the scarf is warm. their leather products that i’ve had since 2010 have also held up incredibly well considering how well used they are.

wool scarf

3 months ago

very high-quality bag and beautifully designed. they last for a long time. super durable!

5 months ago

Influencer for Coach

I got this purse as a gift and I'm in love. First of all, the quality is amazing. the leather is super soft, the colour is magnificent. I've had this purse for 6 years and there are no signs of wear. I think it's a great value for the price.

7 months ago

I've got a Coach handbag that I love & works great, but I have to complain about the heels. I cannot possibly stand a whole day wearing them even after I've broken them in. I want shoes that are going to feel comfortable for the entire time that I'm wearing them, not just for the first hour or so. If you're buying a bag, I say go for it, but the shoes are not worth the pain.

7 months ago

I got a Coach purse from their online outlet store, and I love it. It's exactly as the picture showed, and it came with a bag charm. Their items are quite expensive but very high quality. I wear my purse regularly and it has no signs of wear at all.