Clean Cult

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Clean Cult makes zero-waste, coconut-based cleaning products.

Clean Cult Reviews

Clean Cult reviews


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6 reviews

a month ago

I have the dish soap dispenser and the laundry detergent dispenser. I like the dish soap dispenser, it held up well and can withstand thick Dawn; it's lasted about 3 years now. I think the silicon foot is a problem as there's no way to remove it (easily) and I'm sure it's gross in there with water getting in over the past few years. I really wanted to like the laundry dispenser, but it leaks every single time, there's something wrong with how the cap and pour spout are constructed and it's impossible to not have it leak everywhere and make a mess.

5 months ago

Packaging can be finicky, though I generally expect that from fully recyclable stuff. Products themselves are awesome - the laundry detergent is a particular favorite; it doesn't bother my sensitive skin, including the scented versions. The all-purpose cleaner is likewise great; I use it to clean my entire kitchen. Dishwasher tabs are also effective and rinse cleanly.

3 years ago

I really like this brand! Like a lot of people, I'm trying to cut plastic waste out of my life and also to lean into more sustainable products overall. Their bottles, pumps, and containers are all incredibly chic and very high-quality. The dishwasher pods are also fantastic!


I'd like to see more products with no scent. The scent drives me insane, especially in clean products.

a year ago

It's been about 3 years with Cleancult and I will most likely not be switching anytime soon. They have a couple of scents that I absolutely LOVE and I've had a good experience with them as cleaning products so far. I regularly use the following products: -Dishwashing liquid -Hand soap -Laundry detergent -Dishwasher pods -All Purpose Cleaner -Bar soap Pros: Like most people starting with the brand, I was looking for a way to streamline my cleaning products into an eco-friendly solution by cutting plastic waste and using less toxic chemicals. I believe this brand fits those needs for me. Even the the caps on the refill cartons are plant-based which is nice. For me, all the products work well, clean my home, and foam up nicely. The subscription is really easy - I can adjust it whenever I need to and have never had a problem with it. Cons: I HATE their reusable jars/dispensers/spray bottles ect. Literally every single one of them has an issue all it's own. The hand soap and dishwashing dispensers constantly leak down the sides. The laundry detergent bottle leaks unless you meticulously clean the cap after using it. The spray bottles turn around while you are using it and starts to leak down the side. I love the products so much that I am just systematically replacing my Cleancult containers with other reusable ones that I find along the way. But cannot stress enough how badly they need to redesign their containers! The biodegradable plastic that holds dishwashing pods every so often does not dissolve and I end up with a glob of product that didn't really do its job, so I have started removing the casing before using putting in the dishwasher - even though they say you don't have to. The refill containers are hit or miss for me. Sometimes it is really hard to get them open and they end up being kind of messy. All that complaining aside however, I still really love the cleaning solutions themselves, and constantly recommend the brand to friends and family. Hopefully the company will work to fix the minor issues listed above to keep them competitive in the market :)

a year ago

I’ve only used half a container and I don’t enjoy using this soap. I live in Vancouver Canada and we have very soft water. I can’t get any foam and it doesn’t clean very well. I have to put it in the water and also add more, to a washcloth, when I’m doing my pots and pans to get grease and oils off. I definitely won’t buy this product again. Maybe it’s just a “bad lot” but I’m not going to chance it. It cleans, but barely. 👎🏻👎🏻

a year ago

What I tried: - hand soap dispensers - hand soap refills - laundry detergent dispenser - laundry detergent refills Like: - beautiful, minimal, glass (non-plastic) dispensers - scents - plastic free packaging


I want to love this company, but I won’t be reordering. The dishwasher detergent leaks from the cap of the glass dispenser bottle no matter what I do. The hand soap also drips onto the side of those dispensers leaving them constantly sticky and covered in goopy soap drippings. These hand soap dispensers are SO CLOSE to what I’m looking for (minimal and glass), but they just don’t stay clean for a second.