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Ceremonia creates clean hair care products inspired by Latin heritage.

Ceremonia Reviews

Ceremonia reviews


89% of reviewers would recommend to a friend

Reviews mention

  • Latinx-owned brand
  • Beautifully scented products
  • Quality hair masks
  • Lightweight hair oil
  • Not suitable for thin hair
  • Can leave hair greasy
  • Heavy for fine hair
  • Scents can cause migraines

Ceremonia is a Latinx-owned brand renowned for its beautifully scented, high-quality hair products. Customers particularly love the hair masks, scalp scrub, and lightweight hair oil that leaves hair feeling soft and silky. The brand's unique Perfume de la Tierra and Guava Texturising Beach Spray are also fan favorites. However, some customers find the products don't work well for thin or fine hair, leaving it feeling greasy or heavy. Some also have issues with the scents and have experienced migraines as a result.

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53 reviews

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11 days ago

Never really sure if these products have an impact on my hair. Still, I like the scalp oil that comes in a dropper bottle. I bought the travel size and will continue to use it until I finish the bottle.

Scalp oil

7 days ago

Cannot say enough wonderful things about this brand! To know the ingredients are natural and sustainable is a huge plus. I love finding products that actually WORK! Currently using the scalp oil, shampoo scalp scrub and the conditioner. I love that the oil can go in overnight and not stain my clothing or sheets. Plus - it has an amazing smell. The following morning I will wash with the scrub and condition. This gets me set for the week and keeps my hair feeling smooth, healthy, weightless, and shiny! Hoping with repeated use and maintaining a healthy scalp, it will help with hair growth as well.

Scalp oilShampooConditioner

16 days ago

Packaging and overall aesthetic is on point. Smells amazing, just wasn’t for my fine hair. Left it feeling a little heavy, but to be fair it could also have been because my hair was used to less clean products. Would be open to giving it another try.


4 months ago

Drool 🤤 The Ceremonia Perfume de la Tierra smells ah-mazing - as does their Guava Texturising Beach Spray. Both are winners in my books and smell so yummy. ❤️

3 months ago

Love all the products they offer. The hair oil is the best product imo. It’s lightweight and my hair is soft and silky after using

hair maskScalp oilScalp massager brush

3 months ago

The scalp oil and massager are super luxurious - feels so good on the scalp!

Scalp oilScalp massager brush

3 months ago


The scent was a MAJOR turn off for me. Really wish I didn’t suffer from scent prone migraines. Would have loved to have supported the brand

hair maskScalp oilShampooConditioner

4 months ago

Really enjoyable experience using these products because of the feel and the scents. Their scalp scrub is super nice and I love the silicone scalp brush they sell as well. The shampoo isn't the most clarifying but if you shampoo frequently it might be the right fit for you. Definitely a brand I will continue to repurchase longterm.

3 months ago

Friends with Ceremonia

The best scents in the world. I get stopped all the time and asked what perfume im wearing, but its always Cermonia. Its def not formulated for thin hair, even the thin hair shampoo left my hair greasy, but I love the scents so much that I just use less amounts of the other products so they dont get too heavy on my hair.

hair maskShampooConditionerrescue spray

6 months ago

I actually love how strong the scents are! Adore their very unique take on the usual “butter cream / cake batter” scents. I did try the mask, leave in and gel. Mask: my favorite out of the three- I have to note that I co-sign about the product not being very moisturizing and while they show many different types of curls ( which is great as an Afro-Latina! And many like me) I would recommend these products for 3b and down- as I know they need less heavy moisture than 3C and up. I do however love the mask as a detanglar- works knots and tangles out in under 15 minutes for my 3C-4A medium length hair. Leave in: okay this product is fabulous with a denman paddle brush! Crazyyy slip! And as a high porosity girlie the added protein keeps my hair very happy. But again with the moisture lock… it last maybe 2 days alone and about 3-4 when layered. The gel: does not mix with literally anything but the line leave in! Not other products I own not even the guava leave in by them that I have. It’s also VERYYYY light- I’m going to compare it to BREAD’s new gel. All in all loved the packaging and ingredients and marketing and I would use it as a “hotel treat” something to revel in but not buy consistently.