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CDLP makes luxury men's essentials with innovative materials.

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I've been using the CDLP long-johns for a little over a year. As with many garments that you are using often, they wear. In the beginning, the feeling was great, but they kind of lost their elasticity and luxurious feel after a while. This is probably true about a lot of brands in this category, but it just felt that with a premium price, I expected slightly higher quality. Comes in a nice package, the fit is very good, I would def argue some of the comments from around the internet, like “The best men’s underwear in the world”—Vogue It's good, but not that good.


From my personal experience, and I'm not sure if this was because I got a random production run or not, but the quality could improve. Don't expect these to last for a very long time.

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a year ago