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CDLP makes luxury men's essentials with innovative materials.

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CDLP reviews


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a year ago


What I love about this product is how comfortable they are, also they look amazing on you. I love the color choices that they offer as well. They have multiple sizes, so it is all Inclusive! Love a bran like that.

10 months ago

Product is good but customer experience is terrible. They sent the wrong items and size and the return process was a nightmare. I was expecting them to fix it, they asked me to work with DHL on the return. The closes DHL shop is 10 miles away from where I live.

a year ago

Disappointed in not getting shipping cost refunded. Will not purchase again due to this policy.

2 years ago

I’ve purchased the underwear and socks, but for this review, it will be going over just the socks. Why a 4/5 and not a 3/5? Pros: - the bamboo blend feel - held the black colour well - minimal branding - model is constantly in production, so I can purchase more when required. - doesn’t fall down too often - keeps elasticity Cons: - I’ve put holes in the toe area across 5 pairs of socks - the heel of one pair has also worn down on one wear - I keep finding fluff on my feet when I remove my socks (…might be the way they’re woven?) Any other sock, I might’ve given it a 3/5, but when I started noticing holes in the socks after only 2 wears, I reached out to the team to see if there was a QC issue, and without hesitation their team sent out a brand new pack of 5, free of charge. Now, it doesn’t solve the problem that the socks were wearing down that quickly, but the customer service was something I value in a company, CDLP being very efficient and personable while being professional. That said, I understand they operate on one-off purchase or a subscription model. This makes me think that their products are not necessarily items that you would own for a little while, but at my rate, I think I would be going through a pair of socks every two weeks across 2-3 wears per pair before I stop wearing them. I hâte holes in socks, and it is a pet peeve of mine, so I stop wearing them once they have one. I think if there was another process to keep the bamboo fibres in the weave longer, it might change the softness of the sock itself, which is one of the best parts of the sock. Although, how sustainable is the product really if we’re constantly having to purchase more of them because they wear out faster? Note: Socks I’ve worn in the past include, but are not limited to: - Sunspel - Uniqlo - Stance - Comme des Garçons - Falke - Maggie’s - Wigwam - Chup - anonymousism Sunspel has had the top spot for many years for both underwear and socks, but CDLP have since replaced them.


- a better way to keep bamboo fibres in the weave - shipping is quick

3 years ago

I've been using the CDLP long-johns for a little over a year. As with many garments that you are using often, they wear. In the beginning, the feeling was great, but they kind of lost their elasticity and luxurious feel after a while. This is probably true about a lot of brands in this category, but it just felt that with a premium price, I expected slightly higher quality. Comes in a nice package, the fit is very good, I would def argue some of the comments from around the internet, like “The best men’s underwear in the world”—Vogue It's good, but not that good.


From my personal experience, and I'm not sure if this was because I got a random production run or not, but the quality could improve. Don't expect these to last for a very long time.