Cards Against Humanity

4.5 1,755 Reviews

Cards Against Humanity sells adult fill-in-the-blank statements using words or phrases deemed risque printed on playing cards.

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Cards Against Humanity Reviews

Cards Against Humanity reviews

Reviews mention

  • Inventive and humorous content
  • Promotes social interaction
  • Excellent adult party game
  • Expansive collection of cards
  • Potentially offensive content
  • Can become repetitive
  • Lacks universal appeal
  • Requires fresh packs often

Cards Against Humanity is a popular and beloved party game known for its humor, creativity, and edgy content. It's an excellent choice for adult gatherings due to its ability to create a joyful atmosphere and foster social interaction. However, the game's explicit content may not appeal to all and the cards can become repetitive over time.

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1,755 reviews

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