C4 Energy

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C4 Energy makes a variety of energy drinks designed to support mental and physical performance.

C4 Energy Reviews

C4 Energy reviews


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4 reviews

4 months ago

Received a free product from C4 Energy

I hadn't tried this brand for a while because I knew they used the artificial sweetener sucralose in their drinks, but I received an offer for a free can. The drink has the same distinct, sweet flavor exactly like every other fruit-flavored energy drink that uses sucralose which is good or bad depending on your opinion of those drinks. I personally don't like artificial ingredients in products I consume, so I wouldn't get this again unless those were removed. The flavor itself tastes good though.

3 months ago

A friend convinced me to try the pink starburst and it was actually delicious and didn’t make me feel like I’d been up for three days in a bender (which can sometimes happen with me and the energy drinks).

4 months ago

Received a free product from C4 Energy

For those who like their energy drinks on the sweeter side, this is a great option. Despite having no sugar (sweetness comes from Sucralose), the Sparkling Peach Mango flavor was delicious and closer in taste (i.e., sugariness) to a flavored cola than the usual energy drink. Had it as a midafternoon pick-me-up, and it delivered: I felt an energy boost (caffeine from green coffee beans) soon after finishing the 12 oz. can and found myself more focused for the next couple of hours. The energy/mental focus ingredient seems to be Cognizin, which is the company's trademarked blend of citicoline (To be 100% transparent, I don't believe most of the hype about nootropics, but can't deny that this one had an impact). In short, it may be too sweet for some, but for me it did what it advertised, so I was a happy (and energized) camper.