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Burrito Pop makes a portable burrito holder.



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4 months ago

Received a free product from Burrito Pop

I received this product for free with my order from Flip Shop and was so excited to receive it after seeing it online. When it arrived, I was surprised… This thing is huge! Like size of my arm huge! While I received it for free and I will still use it occasionally for lunches, I would not recommend paying for this.

2 years ago

I fell in love with the idea of this at first glance. Something about how absurd it looked and what it did just brought me unmatched joy. However, to my surprise, it actually brought more functional use than giggles. The handle makes your burrito much easier to travel with (esp. instead of trying to hold a brown paper bag while biking), keeping it warm and shapely until consumption. I've always found burritos difficult to eat while using a phone/laptop. It lays awkwardly on a plate when you put it down, and sauce/toppings get everywhere. The holder effectively keeps your burrito upright and in tact, making it incredibly convenient to multitask while eating. Plus, the twistable contraption reveals your burrito like chapstick. Half genius, half stupid, totally ridiculous, but makes me happy. For $40, it makes a fun, feel-good gift. Even though it's kinda bulky and requires a decent amount amount of thick skin to use.


The twist gets a little squeaky if the burrito is too heavy. Sometimes my burrito is too tall to fit and I have to condense it a little.

a year ago

The size, shape, and handle is fantastic, I love the colors and feel fantastically hilarious with my burrito holder. It's one of my favorite items I have however, it's a little difficult to swirl/move the case to lift up the burrito as I eat. The packaging was adorable, I almost wanted to save it and show everyone I know.


I wish the turning/movement parts were smoother. It feel like I have to fight with it to turn.