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Buck Mason designs modern American classic apparel for men and women including shirts, sweaters, pants, outerwear, accessories, and more.


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a year ago

incredible basics! I was initially drawn to their Austin shop bc of the great furniture.


took off one star because I think they have better options for men than women.

2 years ago

I've only tried their Tees but they really are the best for what they are. They're super soft, feel broken in right out of the bag, has a "heritage" feeling to the design, and love the curved hems. I also love that they launched options for their Tees like Hem style and Length so you can really dial in the perfect fit for yourself.

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2 years ago

Buck Mason officially makes "The Best Damn T-Shirt" I have worn this T-Shirt for the past two years almost every day. (Not the same one of course.) I own it in every color and some multiple of. I couldn't find a t-shirt that's durable, easy to clean, and tapers just right. I'm 6'1" and they make the perfect curved hem t-shirt for my build and height. When mine wear out and/or shrink I give them to my friends and they tend to enjoy them. Probably best hand me down tees. If you haven't tried it, I highly recommend it.

2 years ago

Yeah, dude. The only brand I’d buy my husband if I could!! He’s 6’4” and not a crazy stylish guy, but these clothes fit, they hold up in the wash, and they’re perfect elevated basics. He has several tees and a beanie from there and every time he wears their stuff I’m in awe of how fantastic the quality is.

2 years ago

Buck Mason is a celebration of classic American sportswear. Their business began anchored to t-shirts: a wardrobe staple, but has grown over time to a full line of thoughtfully designed and expertly crafted products For most of history, fashion apparel was slow...a sort of meandering process of inspiration, fabrication, and distribution. Somewhere along the line the sportswear train went off the tracks as 'fast fashion' cut corners and favored speed over quality and craftsmanship. Buck Mason has bucked this trend I purchased a Chambray button-down shirt from their Austin location. The hand feel is buttery soft, and the construction of the garment is superior -- clearly built to sustain the rigors of daily wear and wash. Their products are not cheap -- but nothing truly great can or should be cheap. Timeless takes time.

2 years ago

These are my go to tees, absolutely. In all other teeshirts I feel like a garbage person, but when I throw on my buck Mason ones, which are cut and fit and trimmed just right, I feel like Brad freaking Pitt. Some of their other items haven't landed for me, I don't love having to get the pants hemmed for example, but otherwise I always recommend buck Mason. Top notch. Oh, and importantly, I feel like their clothes reallllly last even after many repeated washings.

2 years ago

Love the fits and the range from Buck Mason - they’re all classic wardrobe staples, so quite the opposite of Fast Fashion. The staff are always super helpful and stores beautifully designed.


All in all the quality is good, but I do find that the cotton t shirts do pill / bauble easily, which I wouldn’t expect at this price point.